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Copy Contract Template

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Hi guys

If you use contracts in SRM you have en possiblility to copy old contract and create new ones.

If you have to create similar contracts you can create a contracts template - either global or a user template.

Do anyone know if it is possible to copy a contract template to create a new ?

It is not possible in our system when the Copy buttom is grayed out in template powl and I am in doubt that this is standard.


Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Hi Jesper ,

We do use Copy Contract functionality in order to create new contract from the old contract . But when working the same with the templates its a different scenario . Ideally you can't copy from a template. Template are the dummy once and not to be used . Its always suggested to use from a already created contract as many things gets copied like price , condition (important part) item details ..etc but the same thing can't be done via template .



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