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Converting Bid

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Hi All,

Can a accepted bid converted directly into a PO in backend instead of creating first in EBP. If the leading PO is in EBP backend PO cannot be changed. So I want the PO to be created directly in backend through the bid. Is there any process for doing this.

Thanks and regards


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Accepted Solutions (1)

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Hi Venu,

this is possible and the name of the main functionality process is 'sourcing hub' (since release EBP 4.0 i think). Sourcing Hub allows to use the functionalities of the sourcing cockpit without creation of document (Po or Contract) in EBP. Technically the use of sourcing hub means use sourcing cockpit or bid scenario with the classic scenario mode. The creation of the next document in EBP or back-end depends on the configuration of scenario (classic or extended) and on user parameters in organizatational structure.

Is there also a Badi available to the creation of the Contract in backend system instead of local contract because you can not control this in scenario configuration as you can do for the PO.

Hope this can help you.


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