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Contracted vendor defaulting into R/3 requisition even if changed in SRM

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We maintain contracts in R/3 against material groups which are then checked by the system when raising free-text 'describe requirement' shopping carts.

If a material group / product category has contracts with only a single vendor, then this vendor will default in to the shopping cart. The user can, however, change this vendor if they wish.

The problem is when the cart is transferred to R/3 the requisition is generated with the original contract vendor in the 'fixed vendor' field. The vendor the user selected for the shopping cart correctly appears in the 'desired vendor' field.

Is there a way of preventing the contracted vendor appearing in the R/3 requisition when the user has changed it in the SRM shopping cart?



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<b>Please go through the following SAP OSS Notes -></b>

<u>Note 994992 - Incorrect vendor for limit item in the backend PO</u>

Note 750886 - FAQ: Automatic purchase requisition (PReq) processing (ME57)

Note 786303 - Analysis report RM06ME59 PReq check

Note 716343 - ME51N: No commitment in copied PReq items

Note 565099 - New BAPIs for the purchase requisition object (BUS2105)

Note 422923 - ME51: Release date for new items in purchase requisition

Note 493318 - FAQ: Enjoy purchase requisition

Do let me know.


- Atul

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Thanks for the response. I did do a check on OSS prior to raising this query and couldn't find anything useful - 994992 is in a similar area but unforutnately does not apply to this specific scenario.

To make the business process clearer:

(1) A shopping cart is raised in SRM without reference to a material or catalogue, but with reference to a Product Category.

(2) The product category has been linked in R/3 to a particular vendor in a contract .However, the product category is linked to ONE vendor only.

(3) The vendor from (2) defaults as the vendor in the shopping cart (as it should)

(4) The user alters the vendor in the shopping cart to one of their choice.

(5) The shopping cart is ordered, and a requisition is generated in R/3

(6) The R/3 requisition has the vendor entered by the user in the 'desired vendor' field, but retains the original contract vendor in the 'fixed vendor' field.

I am trying to prevent the contracted vendor appearing in the 'fixed vendor' field in the requisition once it has been overwritten in (4). This would suit the following part of the business process better, where the 'fixed vendor' is selected by the person sourcing the requisition.

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Closing this since it appears to be standard behaviour and unable to find a way around

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Please send me the Business Scenario of the same.


Vijay Mittal