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Contract Replication: Global or Local?

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Hi gurus,

I'm working in SRM 5.0, ECS, backend ECC 6.0.

The requiremenst are:

1 - Master systems of Contracts must be SAP ECC.

2 -Contract Replication vs SRM (through BBP_CONTRACT_INITIAL_UPLOAD or a custom program).

3 -Manual Creation of Shopping Cart in SRM (with replicated Contract as source of supply)

4- Automatic PO creation in SRM

5- Automatic PO creation in ECC (copy of SRM PO)

6-Every time a user creates a PO in ECC (referring to the Master Contact), the SRM Contract must be updated (Contract Header history and Contract Position History)

In point 2 I need to decide which SRM transaction type to use for contract replication.

--> Local Contract: it could be a valid source of supply in SRM, but Local Contract is not expected to create a ECC PO.

--> Global Outline Agreement: it could not be a valid source of supply in SRM (correct me if I'm wrong...there is a BADI to let it), but GOA needs to be distributed in ECC (and the requirement is that the Contract replicated from ECC to SRM must not be distributed in ECC).

If I use GOA as the transaction type for replication, is there a way to tell SRM that the Master ECC contract act as the distributed Contract, so that I can:

a - avoid to distribute SRM Contract after the replication

b- update SRM Contract every time a user creates a PO in ECC (referring to the ECC Master Contact).

Any ideas?

Thanks in advance.


Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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1) You can use local contracts for creating the POs in the SRM.If these POs are created in the extended classic scenario then you have a copy replicated in the Back end system.However you cannot create any call off orders in the backend system as there is no contract available in the backend system.(Use ful for Indirect Materials)

2) If you wish to create Contracts or Scheduling agreement in the Backend system and maintain the release values of the calloff orders then GOA in SRM is an option.Once you create a GOA in SRM and release the Document it will automatiocally create Contracts in the Back end system.However you can never release any local POs in the SRM using GOA.The release values are updated in the SRM. (Useful for Direct Materials)

3) If you wish to create Contracts in the R3 system and wish to use the SRM system only for Sourcing/Bidding then you need to implement a BADI to create a Contract ( Back end ) from the Bid response

Thanks & Regards,


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