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Contract Replication from Sourcing 9.0 to SRM 7.0

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We are working on a project to Implement SAP Sourcing / CLM 9.0 modules. End goal of this project is to create an agreement in CLM and replicate the agreement to SRM 7.0 (SP3) system as a central contract. ( Implemented Scenario in SRM is Standalone)

We have completed all the steps as mentioned in the Sourcing SRM Integration configuration guide. PI system is installed and configured, Business systems and related configuration is completed in Sourcing, master data like Vendor Master, Purchasing Org, Purchasing Group have been replicated from Back-end ECC system to Sourcing and the same master data exists in SRM system too.

Apart from the steps in mentioned in the Integration configuration guide are there any additional steps that needs to completed in SRM?

We are trying to create a contract with header level information only and trying to replicate it in to SRM system. We are getting the following errors in Sourcing application when trying to publish the contract

- Message on Header level: Purchasing Organisation does not exist

- Message on Header level: Purchasing Group does not exist

- Message on Header level: Purchasing Group is not assigned to Purchasing Organization

- Message on Header level: Enter a country for partner XXXXXXXXXX with type '\Vendor\'

- Message on Header Level: Business Partner 9000 does not exist  

- Message on Header Level: Business Partner Y99 does not exist

Contact your system administrator.

Purchasing Organization value is Backed ECC system is 9000 and Purchasing group is Y99. This data is replicated to Sourcing and is maintained in SRM system too.

Attached is an xml copy of the contract generated in Sourcing system for your reference.



Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Hi Kulkarni,

Can you validate the PI user once and also check the org structure configuration.

This would give you some break through.

Let me know if you have any questions.



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We checked both PI user as well as Org Structure config... still the issue persists. Most of the error messages appearing are configured as suggested by SAP in OSS note 1609208. We tried configuring these messages from error to warning with no success.

We tried debugging the xml file by using transaction SPROXY, Service interface 'PurchasingContractSRMCreateRequestConfirmation_In', Proxy Name: '/ESOSRMIN/II_PURCHASING_CONTRA', Interface provider class '/ESOSRMIN/CL_PURCHASING_CONTRA'.

We are getting error message 'XSLT exception' when we try to debug the xml file.

If any one has successfully implemented contract replication from Sourcing/CLM to SRM then it would be helpful if you can share the xml copy of the successful contract.



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Hi Upendra,

Did you resolve the issue. If yes could you please share the solution, as we are facing the exact same issue in our integration scenario.

Thanks in advance.



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