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Communication between EBP and PM in scenario standalone

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Hello all,

It is possible in a scenario standalone to have the differents informations for PM flow ?

What is the customizing using to have a possibility to connect in Pm fow ?

What is a communication mode between EBP system and PM in scenario standalone ?

Thanks for your reply.

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Hi Mady,

The PM scenario uses RFC to get the PM order list and details from R/3.

The scenario only allows you to add items in SRM.

The added items are sent back to R/3 using RFC.

To customize the PM scenario, you'll have to manage the following attributes in the Org. Struct.:

<b>PM_ARWRK</b> <i>Plant for Work Center</i>

<b>PM_AUART</b> <i>Request type</i>

<b>PM_GL_ACCT</b> <i>PM: Proposed G/L Account</i>

<b>PM_IPHAS</b> <i>Phase</i>

<b>PM_IWERK</b> <i>Planning Plant</i>

<b>PM_PUR_GRP</b> <i>PM Purchasing Group</i>

<b>PM_PUR_ORG</b> <i>PM Purchasing Organization</i>

<b>PM_SWERK</b> <i>Maintenance plant</i>

<b>PM_VAWRK</b> <i>Plant of Responsible Work Center</i>

<b>PM_WGR</b> <i>PM Material Group</i>

<b>PM_WRK</b> <i>PM Plant of Component</i>

Attribute <b>SYS</b> is used to determine the possible backends.



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Hi Vadim,

What is this method using to put different informations

PM_ARWRK Plant for Work Center

PM_AUART Request type etc .... ?

It's possible with this method to have all informations to PM in standalone scenario ?


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Hi Mady,

All the PM_.. attributes are used to restrict the PM order list available on SRM.

Yes, you'll get the PM orders according to these attributes (don't forget to add the R/3 backend in SYS attribute).

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