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Classic Scenario - Reservation Movement Type

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Hi All!

We are in a Classic Scenario environment and the requirement is for a certain type of material to create Reservations in the backend with a different Movement Type. Let’s say we have three types of Stock Materials: two of these will create reservations with the Movement type 201 defined as default at the root level but I want the third type to create reservations with movement type 301 – Transfer posting.

I have assigned this value (301) for the movement type attribute for a particular user and set it up as default but it didn’t work, the reservation was still created with 201.

Is there any way I can achieve this? Will I need to use the BBP_DOC_CHANGE_BADI implementation?

Any idea will be much appreciated (and rewarded of course )

Many thanks


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Hi. I presume it is not something simple like not putting in the logical system before the movement type?

Presuming it is not this I would guess that SAP is putting in a default movement type due to missing info for the one you ask for.

What do you want to do with a 301? That is a plant to plant transfer. You should be specifying a receiving and a sending plant. How is the sending plant getting onto the reservation?

If yo look in the BADI BBP_CREATE_RES_BACK the sending and receiving plants are available, I would try and enter this info in there. You could also check and change the movement type in this BADI.



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Hi Dave!

Many thanks for this. No, I've checked and I do have the logical system, I know it's easy to do it but I haven't done it this


I believe you are right, SAP adds the default movement type because it doesn't know the sending/receiving plant, didn't realise.

It looks very much like BBP_CREATE_RES_BACK will be the solution, I havenu2019t tried yet but this is the way I'll do it.

I need 301 because there is a requirement not to do Goods Issue but transfer between storage locations within Plant. Reservation will be created in SRM from Catalogue item and the Transfer will be done in ECC. I've tried and it works in the backend but I need SRM to generate the Reservation with Movement Type 301.

Iu2019ll let you know if it worked but still your answer was really helpful so full points to you.

Many thanks


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Hi Elisabeta,

Have you been able to achive this solution as we are trying to get this one as well to create a reservation with movement type 301 and wanted to know how we can pass the supplying plant and receiving plant both from SRM.



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Yes, I have successfully implemented this by using BAdI BBP_CREATE_RES_BACK as Dave suggested. I only wanted to change the movement type for a specific plant so Iu2019ve done something like this


data zl_res_items type bapiresbc.

if res_header-plant = u2018my_plantu2019

move '301' to res_header-move_type.


  • maintain receiving plant & storage location

move res_header-plant to res_header-move_plant.

  • now this is the receiving plant which I am taking it from SRM

  • I have put in the functional specification accepted by the user the fact

  • that in SRM when they create the shopping cart they have to specify in the

  • location the storage location which is the destination

move zl_res_items-store_loc to res_header-move_stloc. move_stloc is

the destination

Then Iu2019ve changed the res_items-plant & res_items-store_loc to be the supplying location which in our case it will always be 0001. If your supplying

Location can be different then you will have to code some logic in here when you loop at res_items.

Also I have made the Plant attribute maintainable so that the users can maintain their own default destination plant if they want.

I hope this helps.

Good luck