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Change Status of 'Released' Shopping Cart

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I am, by nature, a WF person, so please excuse the question...

My business requirement is to have Shopping Carts get approved and released by a number of agents. Following release it goes into the Sourcing Cockpit. However, at this point, the buyer might not like the cart, and want to 'reject' it back to the Shopper.

Problem is, if the Cart is 'Release', and therefore visible in the Sourcing Cockpit, it doesn't seem that I can 'unrelease' the cart. FM BBP_PD_SC_STATUS_CHANGE_WF will not allow status to go from approved to resubmitted.

Are there config settings that can allow this status change ?

Of course, this may be more of a business process issue than a technical one.



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Hi Susan,

In fact the EBP design doesn't allow the Sourcing request to be sent back to the Shopper: it has to be processed in the sourcing cockpit.

The process is the following:

1- Creation of a SC

2- WF approval

3- SC transfer (lean PO, PR PO or reservation in R/3, or request in the sourcing cockpit).

Once you arrived in the Sourcing cokpit, the SC WF is finished.

For your need, you have 2points to look at:

- Sourcing request generation: you customize more precisly which SC have to be sent in the sourcing cockpit

- Purchasing completion WF: if you want the purchaser to modify the SC this WF can be used on your SCs

Hope it Helps.

NB: don't forget to reward points for helpful answers.