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change email adresses in position in srm 5.5

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When a user is created through users_gen then the email address is registered twice, once in su01 data and once in the position.

now we have a company wide change in the structure of email addresses so everything has to be changed.

in srm I can only find how to change the SU01 data.

with BBP_OM_USR_CREATE_EMPLOYEE_EXT all data is created

with BBP_OM_USR_UPDATE_USER_DATA is seems I can change the email but only the email address in su01 is changed and not in the position.

is there any way in changing the email address in the position also ?

kind regards

Arthur de Smidt

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Answers (2)

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I found that the function BBP_USER_CHANGE changes both su01 and position data.

this solves my problem.

kind regards


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Hi Arthur,

The postion email and the user account email must not be equal.

In SRM 5.0 we distinguish beetwen user account data (which is pure SU01

address data) and the position data (which has the relationship address

between the CP business partner and the assigned ORG Unit business

partner. Please see also the attached note 402592 which describes the

changes in SRM 5.0.

When maintaining the employee data in SRM 5.0 via CUA, USERS_GEN or

BBPUM01 is it possible to enter the same email address or separate email

addresses but these addresses will be not synchrinized automatically

because this function was requested like this by many customers.

It is an individual decision how to maintain these email fields which

differs from customer to customer and therefore we cannot provide any

generic report or job to do this.

I hope this information helps you.

Kind Regards,


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I can understand that customers don't want to have them the same. but even then if they might need to batch update the email addresses in a position , what is the procedure ??


why is there not a function BBP_OM_USR_CHANGE_POSITION

kind regards