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Cfolder in two envelope rfx

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Dear SAP SRM Guru's,

I want to ask about cfolder in two envelope process, i configured cfolder base on sap help, and what i read in SCN

The process that i understand are:

1. Purchaser with role SAP_CFX_USER and SAP_CFX_COMP_CREATOR, create RFX, automatically a in cfolder system will create a folder called a technical details in collaborative scenario,

- My question are : can we automatically change the name of the folder? or we have to change it manually?

2. after the rfx publish, the bidder with role SAP_CFX_USER will create the technical rfx response, the cfolder system will automaticallly create a folder in the technical detail folder created by the purchaser, the folder will be name based on username bidder, maybe the structure will be like below

-Technical Details

-- Technical_bid

--- Supplier2

---- Tech_bid

My problem for this process are :

- when i log on using the bidder user, i cannot see the technical details folder, so after that i log on using adminstrator, and gave authorization to the bidder user in Technical Details, after that i can see the technical detail folder, is it the correct way to use the cfolder? so i have to gave authorization manually to the bidder?

- may next problem is when i have two bidder, the bidder can see other bidder folder, is it the behaviour or there something i miss?

can someone help me?

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Hello Aditya,

         Answering your questions one by one...

1. Can we change the Folder name "Technical Details"?

          Yes , we can. This is set via the code in class /SAPPSSRM/CL_TECHBID_CFOLDER method /SAPPSSRM/IF_TECHBID_CFOLDER~CREATE_BI. In this there is a call



       i_folder_name      = /sappssrm/if_tendering_const=>gc_cfx_name


       e_faultstring      = lv_cfx_faultstring

       e_collaboration_id = e_collaboration_id

       e_public_area_id   = e_public_area_id

       e_root_folder_id          = e_root_folder_id


       no_logical_system_defined = 1

       OTHERS                    = 2.

The constant /sappssrm/if_tendering_const=>gc_cfx_name is the "Technical Details" is the name and you can change the name by performing the enhancements here.

2. Do you need administrator to provide access to folders for bidder?

      No certainly not required. Generally at RFX Response creation system will provide read/write authorizations to the bidders for specific folders. This is handled in the code and you would not require an Administrator intervention here.

3. Bidder having access to other folders?

    This is a result of your manual assignment. The standard code ensures none of this happens.

Thanks and Regards,