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Can I assign a general commodity code if the commodity code for a catalog item is Not Assigned?

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We generally work with our suppliers to populate the Commodity Codes whenever we see this happen, but one of our large Punch Out catalog suppliers will not make the updates due to the large number of items they have in their catalog. This causes an issue when they invoice and blocks the invoice from transmitting to our ERP (SAP). When this happens our Invoice Agents must manually key the invoices into SAP, and due to the large number of transactions we have with this supplier means a lot of work. Is there a way to automatically assign a Commodity Code to an item if it comes in Not Assigned on the PR? Our approval flow for catalog orders doesn't stop at our Purchasing Agent for review.

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Hello! Did you find a solution to this? We have the same issue regarding a different process. Could you please let us know if you find a solution for not assigned commodity code?