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BusinessPartner Synchronization- BP not created in S/4 Hana?

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Hello together,

we have a problem with the Business Partner synchronization from SLP to S/4 Hana via CIG.

We have studied the SAP help info and still found a note for a correction guide that needs to be imported.

We have set the default properties to default and SLP parameters are also set to default.

Can someone possibly send me a link for a guide where he could make the experience that the SLP BP Synch works?

The SAP writes in a S-Note that the key mapping must fit.
Does anyone have a tip where/what/how I check this exactly in S/4 Hana.
We have not made any settings there, it is set by default. The synchronization did not work from one day to the next.

When we create a BusinessPartner in SLP and sync it also arrives in S/4.

In the SRT_MONI (monitoring) it is displayed without errors.
But the problem is that it is not created.

We use CIG as a direct connection and the components are up to date.

I would really appreciate if you have a tip here or someone could describe their experience if they have already had a similar problem.

Best regards,

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Hi Julien,

S4/MDG has 4 messages for supplier data integration.

Inbound to ERP from Ariba SLP: BusinessPartnerSUITEBulkReplicateRequest_In; BusinessPartnerSUITEBulkReplicateConfirmation_In

Outbound from ERP to Ariba SLP: BusinessPartnerSUITEBulkReplicateRequest_Out; BusinessPartnerSUITEBulkReplicateConfirmation_Out

Detail description of BAdIs, APIs, SOAP/WSDL format can be found on SAP API Business Hub ( Search for "Business Partner". Relevant are four APis:

On Ariba side, of course you must ensure questions have appropriate field mapping. The reference of all available field mappings can be found in Default_properties_sample.csv - you can find this file under SM Admin. More info about default properties can be found in SAP Help (

On S4 side, you must configure DRFOUT (Data Replication Framework). The DRFF transaction displays a WebDynPro screen to assign Default Filter Objects (