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BU_RELNR error while transferring a vendor from EBP to SUS

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Hi experts,

We have EBP on one client and SUS on abother client on the same server. SRM 5.0 and (srm server 5.5) and XI 7.0 (PI). We could succesfully import the scenario of service procurement with supplier enablement and we are going with Extended classic scenario.

All the XI settings are done properly and we could send the vendors from EBP to XI. there is a problem in the inbound XML messages when it is creating a BP in SUS. The no. ranges are maintained properly in SUS and the No. range Grouping done si fine.

01) We have an error in the SUS in the SXI monitor telling that:

We found the BU_RELNR in the table NRIV is set as external and there is no table maint. for this. We cannot uncheck external indicator.

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8" ?>

- <nr1:StandardMessageFault xmlns:nr1="">

- <standard>

<faultText>An error occured within an XI interface: Exception occurredA:R1:735 -Number range interval 01 for number range object BU_RELNR incorrectly maintain. E:BBP_BUPA:060 -Error while trying to create contact person. Inform system administration Programm: CX_BBP_BD_ERROR===============CP; Include: CX_BBP_BD_ERROR===============CM002; Line: 57</faultText>



02) We are not using the bidding functionality in EBP as we are going with e-sourcing. Hence, we will have to replicate vendors from R/3 to EBP. We set the standard communication as XML/XI and make as a portal vendor in EBP in manage business partners in the web transaction. Do we need to create contact persons in EBP and then transfer to SUS? Will it send an automatic mail regarding the login details to the user?

03) Or do we need to create contact persons in SUS. Will it send an e-mail to the vendors from SUS?

Thanks in advance,


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I am interested to find out what happed with your issues.

Is the eSourcing application working . is it a stand alone item or interfaced to SRM and or ECC.



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The issue to which you have replied is to do with the namespace in XI mappings. The standard content seems to have a bug when it got imported into the configuration.

Coming to the e-sourcing, SAP is giving phase wise integration with ECC and SRM. The roadmap is already SAP has delivered the xi content for E-sourcing to ECC for the master data like Material masters and vendor masters. In general, E-sourcing is a hosted application till now. But, there is an exception for us to have it hosted by ourselves. There are few integration issues in this. But, it is working fine now. Only thing is you need to send the company codes, p orgs, p groups etc... 17 objects I guess before transferring the material master and vendor master from ECC to E-sourcing.

Then, e-sourcing to ECC integration for contracts push, SAP is moving towards ramp-up. This will take some time to have the GA.

Finally, e-sourcing to SRM integration, it will happen (?????????? lot of question marks) in SRM 7.0. Right now, we are planning to have a customer interface from e-sourcing to SRM.

Hope these answers your question.