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BRF standard expression 0B_SC_PRCAT_EX_CHECK

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Hello experts,

We are into SRM 7.0 and using BRF in workflow.

I know standard expression 0B_SC_PRCAT_EX_CHECK would check the category.

I would like to know how to write this expression so that it would return me category from shopping cart ?

Earler I have written customized z expression but I want to use standard expression to achieve this. Not able to figure it out exactly what should be inputs/parameters for this ? Please advise/suggest.

Exactly I want to check category from shopping cart that's why my approach was;

IF( Checks Whether Specified Product Category Exists, , )

I am not too sure whether it is correct or not. Does anyone know how to write expression using standard one ?

Thank you in advance.

Best regards.

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Hi ,

Please check this expression characteristics:


It Checks Whether Specified Product Category Exists

"The product categories of all items in the shopping cart are checked against the list of product categories in the constant expression 9C_C4_C_PRCAT_002. A single value has the format 'CatID\Logsys' (ID of product

category and logical system of source system. The logical system is necessary to ensure uniqueness).

Multiple values are separated by ";". If a product category is found, the result is 'FALSE'. Otherwise it is 'TRUE'. "

Thus this expression itself will not help you, it does not deliver the produc category. To achieve what you want you should create your own BRF using this expression. You can achieve what you want by creating own FM to check this on your BRF.



Answers (1)

Answers (1)

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Thank you Melina, Daniel for your replies.