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BP relationship tab - e-mail address not getting retained.

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Hi SRM gurus,

We are using SRM 4.0 with extended classic.

The issue we are facing is : Whenever we transfer user from one location ( plant ) to another plant in org structure, e- mail address is not getting maintained ( from old data ) in BP relationship tab in transciation BP. This started happening recently.

It is getting maintained in transciation BP but in relationship tab it is not getting maintained. Issue is comming only for users which we transfer from one plant to another plant.

Is anobody has faced such issue ? Please let me know how to resolve this ?

Thanks in Advance,


Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Hi Sachin,

I think I see that you have a message open with us.

Please implement this note which should resolve your issue

1024258 HRALX: PPOME Drag&Drop: BP-BP relationships not deleted

Please ensure to have all related notes from note 550055 applicable

to your support pack applied at your system. E.G:

1234996 HRALX: BP-BP relationship created which does not exist

1227783 HRALXSYNC: Old BP-BP relation not removed (BUT050)


end so on..

Regarding the wrong users, please make the following test in your QA

system after those notes be applied:

- Locate the organization unit with Business Partner A

- Drag the user e.g. matthew stapleton org unit with Business

Partner B to organization unit with Business Partner


- Save.

- Now drag and drop back the user matthew stapleton to the original

organization unit with BP B.

- Save again.

Hope this helps,

Kind Regards,


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Thanks Matthew for your quick response.

We checked mentioned note in our system but these notes cannot be implemented in our system. It is giving error as : Cannot be implemented.

We are on SRM4.00 with SP14.


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Raised OSS. SAP released note # 1485918. This note resolved issue.

Thanks all.


Answers (1)

Answers (1)

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Apply Note # 1485918.