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Bid Invitation Tabular Customer fields - Search Help - how to add

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We have implemented two tabular customer fields at header level of the Bid Invitation on an SRM 5.5 system as per OSS 672960

These show up and all is well except that the customer wants a search help on the first field.

Defining possible values on the domain is not an option.

The domain of the custom field which needs the search help is also custom and has been defined to include a custom Search Help which appears to work correctly when tested through the gui (SE16)

When adding the custom fields to INCL_EEW* structures the search help entries for the custom field appear to show up correctly in the Entry Help/Check tab in SE11.


An earlier post in this forum suggested the Search Helps would show up automatically for custom screens.

Looking at the template for custom tabular fields screen I don't see any code to invoke any of the search help mechanisms.

In any event, no search help is coming up at this point.

Has anyone found a way to implement search helps on a tabular custom field without modifying the standard delivered template?

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<u>Which SRM version are you using ? What's the detailed requirement ?</u>

As referred in the links below, In table control, it's not possible to display search helps on customer fields.

Incase you want search help to get enabled, you need to create custom screen area / screens and do the relevant programming logic and then only it might be possible.

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Note 675800 - Business partner enhancement SRM on maintenance screen

Hope this will help.

Do let me know.


- Atul