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BBGETVD for Invoicing vendors only

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Experts!!....facing a problem here.

We are trying to replicate MM invoicing vendors to SRM using BBGETVD. When using this transaction the system successfully copied other vendors (mainly purchasing vendors) but not the invoicing vendors. Don't know what is the specific issue here. We have mainly two types of vendors (details below)

1. Purchasing vendors (with only General and Purchasing view)

2. Invoicing vendors (with only General and Accounting view)

Since I are not able to replicate Invoicing only vendors, I am still using BBPGETVD and not BBPUPDVD

Any help is appreciated in advance

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Please run report EBP_GET_BACKEND_PRICES

Vendor replication:-

The setting for BBP_VENDOR_SYNC was to 'Adopt invoicing parties and

endors'. This is set in IMG (SRM -> SRM Server -> Technical Basic

ettings -> Settings for Vendor Synchronization -> Define Settings for

each Backend System -> Creditor Selection).

Replicate the supplier via BBPGETVD transaction.

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In SRM, validate local settings in SPRO for BBP_VENDOR_SYNC program:

SPRO -> Supplier Relationship Management -> SRM Server -> Technical

Basic Settings -> Settings for Vendor Synchronization -> Define

Settings for each Backend System: ensure Creditor Selection is set

to #2# (Adopt invoicing parties and vendors)

Please also check the following SAP note which appear relevant,

1031141 When executing the program BBP_VENDOR_SYNC , the invoicing

parties not replicated.

1109572 Non-PO invoice: Vendor not derived from invoicing party

918510 - Time dependency of the business partner as of SRM_SERVER 550

1084003- Purchase orders are not found for invoices or confirmations

1084057- BBPMAININT: Tax number not maintained for Invoicing Parties

1109572- Non-PO invoice: Vendor not derived from invoicing party

1121526- FI system for non PO invoice is always the same

1130549- XML backend PO invoice is created with status deleted

1132450- BBPGETVD: Invoicing Party Replication does not work

1135223- ERS is always the same as vendor

1144317- Invoice has different vendor in IDoc and back-end system

1147082- BBP_VENDOR_SYNC: External partner Replication does not work

Hope this information helps you.

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Thanks Edel for the info. I was able to download the invoice only vendors using BBPGETVD by selecting the following criteria

check box selected - Transfer Purely Credit-Side Vendor as Invoicing Party

Radio button selected - If R/3 number assignment is not possible; internal number assignment

However, I am noticing that my main vendors (replicated earlier) and the invocing vendor (replicated after making the above selection) are not linked. Where can I see the linkage of Invoicing vendor to main vendor...PPOMV_BBP?

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SAP Implementation Guide  Cross Application components  SAP Business Partner  Business partner  Basic settings  Number Ranges and Groupings Define groupings and assign Number Ranges

can you verify yoursettings ?

SAP Note 988252 - BBPGETVD: You cannot transfer invoice

recipients only

all vendors must be available in pposv_bbp. ( all vendors).

i believe srm does not store accounting view.check it is it available in venmap table? bp tcode.

hope you can see this vendor as a invoicing party flag in srm.

i believe system behaves correctly. here in srm he is a just business partner and partner function as invoicing party.

srm needs to populate as a bp to show as invoicing party in PO and Invoice document.

Sanjeev:- what is the value this invoice part has in this table?

BUT100 whereas they exist as bidder ( RLTYP = ? ).