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auction pause

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Hi guru

Why is the clock still running when the auction is paused ?

I want stop the countdown clock when to pause an auction.

My version is srm 5.0 lac 2

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Answers (2)

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the time that the countdown whows is the time remaining until the end date. As this end date is not affected or extended by pausing the auction, the countdown is not stopped.

I hope that i could help clarifying this issue.

Best regards,


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Hello Experts,

Is there a way we can extend the end time of this auction ?



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Yes. you can. the supplier will receive the new extended time information too..

Live Auction Cockpit


Live Auction Cockpit provides a real-time environment for direct bidding on reverse live auctions, which are typically fast-paced and highly competitive. Live auctions simulate the experience of an actual auction by utilizing technology to provide instantly-updated information on all auction activity.


Live auctions are handled by a Java-compliant applet that is fully integrated with SAP Bidding Engine and cannot be implemented independently.

For more information, see the Business Configuration Guide: Strategic Sourcing available on the SAP Service Marketplace ( ® mySAP SRM).


Both purchasers and bidders can monitor one or more auctions and the associated bidding activity in real-time. The cockpit displays continually updated auction data, including item price information and charts, to reflect each new bid received as well as any status or time changes.

Purchasers have the option of manually starting, pausing, resuming, extending, and ending the auction directly from the cockpit interface.

By default, the purchaser is provided with a full range of bid management tools including activities such as deleting bids, banning or reinstating bidders, and surrogate bidding.

A participants list provides the purchaser with the connection status per bidder and company as well as access to vendor details. Purchasers can send chat messages to individual participants or to all participants while bidders can only chat with purchasers.




Launch the Live Auction Cockpit

· Purchaser

From the auction detail page, choose Live Auction.

· Bidder

From the search result page, click with the quick info text Display Auction.

Or from the auction detail page, choose Live Auction.

Conducting an auction

For more information, see Conducting Live Auctions.

Bidding on an auction

For more information, see Live Auction Bidding.