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Assign cart to purchaser in Sourcing Cockpit

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Dear experts,

in our scenario, incomplete shopping carts (that is, without assigned source of supply) are forwarded to SoCo for further processing (bid, PO creation,…).

As per our understanding, in SoCo the strategic buyer cannot assign the processing of a single SC to  a  specific “responsible purchaser” .

In fact, the workload distribution allows the strategic purchaser only to change the original purchasing group of the SC (say A) to a different purchasing group (say B).

In that case however, if a purchaser from group A clicks on Carry Out sourcing, he is still able to see all shopping carts and has to manually filter them according to purchasing group, to get the carts relevant for him.

Our requirement would be to assign the processing of SC to a specific user and to pre-filter the list of shopping carts according to that user.

Could you please advise about some standard functionality (workload distribution, or others) that might be helpful?



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Hi Anubhav,

tha fact is that through workload distribution and related badis, it seems possible to assign carts only at Purch.Group level, not at user level, which is our requirement.

However, we implemented a custom functionality to do that.



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Hi Ci Bi,

Could you please share what functionality you have implemented to assign the SC at user level?



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Hi Sunil,

we added a custom field in rfx header (responsible buyer).

In step 3 of carry out sourcing, when the user creates a draft, he has to assign a responsible buyer to it (only when draft is rfx, we don't need that in other cases).

The buyer will find the bids assigned to him/her through a custom query (which uses the custom field as a fixed parameter).



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Hi CiBi,

To control assignment of documents to PRGRP the BADI BBP_PGRP_ASSIGN_BADI method BBP_PO_PGRP_ASSIGN and to control the worklist in SOCO for PGRP you need to implement the BADI BBP_WF_LIST method BBP_WF_LIST_SOCO.

For more information on standard process check the link..