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Ariba Service entry sheet gets interfaced and remains on n composing

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I am trying to explore Ariba SES functionality. The issue which i am facing is:

When i create a SES as a vendor it reaches B&I and remains in composing state. Who is suppose to submit this composing SES? I can see in approval flow requester is added which is in pending state(as SES is in composing) . As a requester I don’t see submit button on the composing SES.
Should not be SES when interfaced from network to B&I go directly in submitted state?

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Product and Topic Expert
Product and Topic Expert
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Hello ashishukla

on supplier side when submitting a service sheet you have to fill the field (don't remember the correct field names) for the contact person and mail address. On your Ariba Procurement side, for a user has to exist with the exact same mail. The user will get the SES for approval. After approval in Ariba, the SES should be sent to the ERP system.