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Ariba Audit Log - Event Types

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I am currently trying to identify certain user activities in Ariba Procurement. I see in the core administration section that the audit log allows filtering by different events, but I'm having a hard time finding documentation associated with those event types (For example, what does or what information does the event Admin Access, Administrator, General, Integration, etc recolect)

Is there any official documentation from SAP Ariba about these events and what information do they log in?



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Here are the main event types and their descriptions:

Admin: Administrative actions and events such as site-level administration

Admin (tasks/files): Administrative tasks such as data import and export, file upload and download, and events related to configuration files.

Admin AppUtil: Internal solution-level auditing.

Approval REST Integration: External approvals made through an Application Programming Interface (API).

Catalog Extract: Catalog extracts made through?an Application Programming Interface (API).

CDS Sync Verifier: Validation of common data server (CDS) synchronization; provides information about all CDS related activity.

Dashboard: Creating and deleting dashboard templates in the Dashboard Manager workspace.

Exception: Exceptions that occurred during document processing . For example, a system error occurred.

General: Events that do not belong in any other event type category listed in this table. For example, offline approval exception.

Integration: Integration event executions and failures. For example, a field disappears from an import/export file. Changes accepted to the data definition in the Integration Manager > Data Definition section.

OCI: Open Catalog Interface (OCI) connections from an Enterprise Resource Planning system to the SAP Ariba Catalog solution.

Parameters: Changes to parameter information. For example, modification made to a site parameter by Ariba.

SSO: Single sign-on and password adapter activities. For example, user log in and log out.

SchemaRealmMapping: The scheduled task DBSchemaRealmMappingVerificationTask, which SAP Ariba Customer Service uses to ensure data integrity.

The most commonly used filters for the audit log include Date, Event Type, Real User, and Effective User. Real User is the user who actually performed the action, while Effective User is the on behalf of user.