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ADS trace file

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According to user's requirement I have activated trace for ADS according to note 846610. Now user wants the defaulttrace file to see the result. Can anyone suggest from which folder I can get the file? Please help.



Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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<u><b>Please go through this -></b></u>

To find the cause of the problem, send the trace log of the ISR to SAP. The following describes how to create the trace log.

1. Open the Visual Administrator, and choose 'Server' -> 'Services' -> 'Log Configurator'.
2. Click the 'Locations' tab. Select 'ROOT LOCATION' -> 'com' -> 'sap' -> pcui_gp.
3. For 'Severity', select 'All' and save this change.
4. Choose the 'Locations' tab again. Select 'ROOT LOCATION' -> 'com' -> 'sap' -> xss.
5. For 'Severity', select 'Debug' and save this change.
6. Make sure that 'defaultTrace' is written for your log.
7. The J2EE must be restarted.
8. Start your application.
              The system now writes the trace in the log files. You find these log files (for example, defaultTrace0.trc) as follows: 

              Enter the Visual Administrator and select: 'Server' -> 'Services' -> 'LogViewer'.

<b> Alternatively, you will find the log files in your local file system at C:\usr\sap\J2E\JC00\j2ee\cluster\server0\log.</b>

<b> Several files of the defaultTrace type with sequential numbering may be available. Use the most current defaultTrace?.trc.</b>

<u>In addition, see Note 842878 about trace logs. If a problem with an Adobe form occurs, also read Note 846610.</u>

The traces are then written into the "defaultTrace.<index>.trc" files under the ".../server<i>/logs" directory.

<b>Please go through the SAP OSS notes for more details.</b>

Note 842878 - Switch on traces for Web Dynpro session management in NW04

Note 836174 - ISR/Adobe/Web Dynpro Java: Support for troubleshooting

Note 1049057 - ISR documentation - "ISR Cookbook"

Note 959462 - ISR/Adobe/Web Dynpro Java: Configuration problems

Note 846610 - How to activate ADS trace

Do let me know.


- Atul

Answers (1)

Answers (1)

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Thanks Atul...I got the file.