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add logo for Shopping cart REJECT/ completly APPROVED alert notification emails in SRM

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Hello Everyone,

Need your inputs.

We actually required to add logo for Shopping cart REJECT/ completely APPROVED alert notification emails in SRM.

SRM standard workflow WS40000014 with standard task (TS40007983,

TS40007975). We assigned graphic to these standard tasks. But still shopping cart after rejecting or completely approved, the notification email not holding the logo.

Is there any way we can add graphic to shopping cart rejection and shopping cart completely approved notification emails??



Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Hello Chandra,

i advise you to make a copy of smartform BBP_OUT_EXCEPTION to manage notification mail (you will call this customer smartform using an implementation of BAdI BBP_OUTPUT_CHANGE_SF).

Then, in copy of smartform BBP_OUT_EXCEPTION for Shopping Cart, you can make a SELECT in table /SAPSRM/C_WF_CST to get the Logo.

This Logo will be the same as the one used for approval mail sent by /SAPSRM/OFFLINEAPPROVALSEND report.



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