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As the Director of Product Marketing for the SAP Fieldglass solutions, I run across misconceptions about the application in the marketplace. One misconception is that SAP Fieldglass does not integrate with non-SAP core backend solutions such as Workday or Oracle.

Yes - SAP Fieldglass solutions absolutely integrate with Workday and Oracle! In fact, SAP Fieldglass solutions have integrated with:

  • Workday +70 times over the past 10 years, resulting in +1 million transactions/calls of data

  • Oracle +100 times over the past 20 years, resulting in +2 million transactions/calls of data

Not only do SAP Fieldglass solutions integrate with non-SAP core solutions, it is far easier, faster and less costly than with many competitors. That's because integration is streamlined.

Let’s take a Workday integration, for example. The integration is done using Configuration Manager which resides natively within the SAP Fieldglass application. Configuration Manager allows superusers in your organization to directly setup or change your integration parameters. It also provides direct access to integration connectors and related elements so your organization can make instant changes at any time. This streamlined approach to integration applies to all data including both master data and transactional data.

Because of Configuration Manager, an extra layer of middleware, such as Dell Boomi, is unnecessary, as shown below:

Source: SAP


Unlike SAP Fieldglass solutions, other VMS providers may rely on an extra layer to prepare its data. When integration takes place outside of the application, it often results in:

  • Increased built-in cost

  • Complexity and time to build and test

  • Increased difficulty to maintain and QA test

  • Difficulty to diagnose and troubleshoot

I hope this post dispelled any misconceptions about SAP Fieldglass solutions integrating with non-SAP core backends. Not only does a decades-long history of successful integrations prove otherwise, but the streamlined approach means that integrations with SAP Fieldglass solutions are faster, easier and less costly.

Additional details about Configuration Manager and/or integration with SAP Fieldglass solutions can be found here.

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