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This forum has the objective to talk about the steps needed for migrate the Application workflow to the Process controlled workflow

Going further:

Ok, you already decided that you will use the Process Controlled Workflow.

But how to keep some of the previous logic?

The SAP provide two reports which will enable you to migrate the Workflow.

I strongly recommends you to read the documentation available at IMG of these reports.


1) The first one is the report /SAPSRM/WF_COND_MAPPING which migrates the AC start conditions into BRF process schemas

This also does not mean that after this report be executed everything will work perfectly. Migration can require manual post processing. Therefore, check after migration whether the resulting process schema configuration, and the BRF expressions contained therein, corresponds to your original configuration.

Here I have a screenshot simulating this report:

If errors occur, such as when start conditions cannot be represented by the supplied BRF expressions, follow the instructions in SAP Note 1015211.

2)The second one and the most used by customers is the report  /SAPSRM/PR_WF_MIGRATION_CFGwhich convert the running workflows (open documents)  AC to PC workflow.

To run this report you must be configured already your Process controlled WFL. If you migrated your AC workflow start conditions to the PC workflow BRF architecture using the report /SAPSRM/WF_COND_MAPPING , ensure you have checked that the resulting process level configuration and the BRF expressions that are used match your original configuration.

Note1: Before you start migrating open work items, you must execute a test to make sure that the new workflow works properly. You do so by creating a shopping cart and ordering it using the portal transaction for shopping cart creation. Verify in the workflow log that a new workflow (WS40000014) has been started.

This report gives you the possibility to show open work items and execute the conversion.

This report also allows you to migrate customer workflows. Note 1421230 made this possible.

Note 2: You can either convert the old running workflows using the report /SAPSRM/PR_WF_MIGRATION_CFG or you can complete the running AC workflows (the old workflow instances can run parallel, the only problem can be if you was using own approval tasks. In this case you have  to ensure that these tasks are configured for the UWL) and using PC for new created documents.

*Be Careful:

1) I would suggest to select only the status 'STARTED' when running the report /SAPSRM/PR_WF_MIGRATION_CFG. Workflow instances with status WAITING don't need to be migrated.

Somes customers ran this for the status WAITING Which in turn made saved documents to get the WFL active which caused inconsistencies and generated dumps in their systems.

2) Don't forget that the PC WFL must be already configured and working ( mentioned in note1). Otherwise your converted documents will face errors.

3) In case you opt by use PC only for new documents and complete the running AC workflows ( mentioned in note2), you must ensure also that all AC workflow configuration is ok, that the event linkages, approvals..etc are ok, otherwise you will face issues also when trying to complete these documents.


Understand and Configure SRM Process Controlled Workflow