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The SAP Ariba team has delivered the greatest number of feature updates in any quarter over the last 3 years!  Despite the current global challenges, the team adapted to change. Key highlight features are outlined in this communication while the complete list of features released on May 15 may be found on SAP Ariba Connect.  We encourage you to read on in this announcement to learn more about our key 2005 highlights!

As a reminder, all SAP Ariba product documentation has been published via the SAP Help Portal.  The portal insures easy access to all SAP Ariba product documentation for all users.  Now, on to the highlights!

Financial risk measurement via Dun & Bradstreet

Expanded access to financial risk data in supplier risk profiles has now arrived! As part of the supplier due diligence process, users can now review regularly updated financial health information provided via Dun & Bradstreet. The supplier qualification process can now leverage the financial health profile to determine preferred supplier or even standard qualification status. Yet another tool in the supplier risk portfolio view now available to customers!

Improved Supplier Mobile Application capabilities for iOS and Android

In this time where unprecedented mobile access to business information is critical, the SAP Ariba Supplier Mobile Application has undergone significant updates to support expanded processes and improve the supplier user experience. Suppliers will now be able to create advanced ship notices and service entry sheets via the mobile application. Added process improvements include the ability to share orders and invoices, view collaboration requests, payments, advanced ship notices, service entry sheets and goods receipts. A redesigned notification list and simplified application navigation have also been introduced with the 6.1.0 release. Learn more at the Apple App Store and at Google Play.

Enabling supplier access to non-SAP Ariba applications via single-sign-on (SSO)

Ariba Network will now be able to act as an Application Gateway for suppliers. This valuable feature enables buyers to expose their non-SAP Ariba applications to any supplier with an active trading relationship. The seamless user experience for suppliers delivered via single sign-on from Ariba Network will simplify the supplier interaction and information access to buyer-specific applications.

Opening SAP Ariba Developer Portal to Enterprise Network Suppliers

For the first time we are making available to Ariba Network enterprise suppliers the ability to access and build solutions via the SAP Ariba Developer Portal. This access provides Ariba Network enterprise suppliers the ability to view and utilize SAP Ariba Rest APIs to extend their existing solutions and create new solutions for business issues. Suppliers will have access to the same API infrastructure that buyers currently utilize.

Order confirmation support for scheduling agreements and scheduling agreement releases

While confirmations following scheduling agreements or scheduling agreement release collaboration is not common for some businesses, there is a subset of industries that require this level of visibility to supplier commitments. For buyers that benefit from these confirmations, they will be able to receive such communications from Ariba Network. These confirmations will provide improved visibility into expected delivery dates and drive a higher level of confidence in the ability of suppliers to meet requested demand.

Cloud Integration Gateway updates

The SAP Ariba Cloud Integration Gateway 2006 release was made available for download from SAP ONE Support Launchpad on Friday, June 5, 2020.

To familiarize yourself with the new features and capabilities planned for this release, SAP Ariba hosted a feature overview webinar.

Click here to see a replay of the session.

Please remember to visit the Release Readiness page on SAP Ariba Connect to access additional details associated with all aspects of the SAP Ariba 2005 product release. Valuable information such as knowledge transfer materials, release guides as well as materials from prior releases may be found there.

We hope you explore the new capabilities in this release and use them to unlock additional value from your SAP Ariba solutions!

Thank you,
Nathan Love