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Want to know what’s new in SAP Ariba Cloud Integration Gateway for suppliers? With the Q4 2017 release of SAP Ariba Cloud Integration Gateway, we made enhancements to usability, integration management, and also added new GUSI data format support.

Release Highlights

Smart Error Management:

SAP Ariba Cloud Integration Gateway now intelligently identifies and fixes potential integration issues along with making it easy to manage your integrations. With the new error framework, errors are more easily identifiable by our support teams which means they can solve potential issues even faster.

Improved Help Tools:

We’ve introduced new help tools into SAP Ariba Cloud Integration Gateway which means it is now easier for you to find the tips and tricks you need to be successful with the solution.  Whether you need quick help tips or documentation, it will now be easier to find the information you’re looking for, right when you need it. We’ve also enhanced the user-interface with new field-by-field help for all project creation wizard screens.

GS1 GUSI Format Support:

SAP Ariba Cloud Integration Gateway now supports GS1 EANCOM for suppliers integrating with Ariba Network. GS1 EANCOM is a subset of the EDIFACT standard, and is used worldwide in the CPG and Retail industries.

With support for GS1 GUSI on SAP Ariba Cloud Integration Gateway, suppliers in CPG and Retail industries can integrate and transact on Ariba Network.

The following formats are supported in the latest release:

  • cXML ProductActivityMessage to GUSI 3.1 InventoryActivityOrInventoryStatus

  • cXML ProductActivityMessage to GUSI 2.5 ConsumptionReport

  • cXML Receipt Request to GUSI 2.1 ReceiptAdvice

Learn more about SAP Ariba Cloud Integration Gateway at Ariba.com

Did You Know?

SAP Ariba Cloud Integration Gateway already supports HTTPs, AS2, RNIF, and VAN Communication Protocols, as well as the following Data Formats: cXML, X12, EDIFACT D96A, D01B, PIDX, OAGiS, xCBL, GS1 GUSI, GS1 EANCOM.

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