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Product and Topic Expert
Product and Topic Expert
Don't you just love integrations? I certainly do! I love productized integrations for their holistic long terms solution but there are many good reasons to use standard integration connectors too. In the end, however, it does not matter which way you go, as long as it works for you and your systems setup. In SAP Fieldglass, there are 3 ways to setup your standard connectors: API, Bulk Delta and Bulk full. Below a overview of all 3 types and what differentiates them:

API – each run is “independent”

In API connectors, each up/download is independent of each other. As client you determine what data has changed since the last upload to SAP Fieldglass. In the event of a system failure the upload will stop and must be re-run in its entirety. This integration version is best suited for smaller data sets.

Bulk-Delta – each run is “independent”

In the Bullk Delta versions clients determine what data has changed since the last upload to SAP Fieldglass. In the event of a system failure the process will fail but will be able to restart where it left off prior to the failure. Hence, making this option more fault tolerant than the API version.

Bulk-Full – each run  “depends” on the previous run

In the Bulk full version, the client sends in a complete set of data (a full file) each time they run the upload. SAP Fieldglass determines which records are new and which are updates since the last run. It has the same restart capability as Bulk-Delta.



Let's take Master data as an example for these connector versions: If you need to upload Sites (Plants), you can use either of the 3 versions. The easiest way, which I am showing here is by using the configuration manager. For that, make sure you have access to the configuration manager and follow these steps:

  • Log into the configuration manager in your SAP Fieldglass application and select "Browse Integration catalog"

  • In the connector list, search for "site" and "upload" in the filter option "activity"

  • In the column "version" select the API or bulk full version and click on the Name of the connector to go to the next step.

  • In the next step you are shown the details of the connector and you can enable it.

  • From here you can go through the wizard to setup the connector with your specifications:

  • In the second step, you can alter the version if needed.

Once done, the connector is, ready for use and you can, use it in the version you need.