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User defaults is one of the features that has been incorporated from the old SRM shopping Cart into the SRM UI Add-On SC. Using this feature users can change the default values maintained for them in the back-end. These changed values will be applied to all the items added thereafter.The user can navigate to the User Defaults Screen by clicking on the icon on the right corner of the application.

The User Settings view is similar to Item Details view with different sections for basic data, account assignment, internal note and the shipping address.

The changes done in the user defaults view will be reflected in the Can’t find screen and the Limit Form.

For example, if user adds a internal note in the user settings view and click on “apply and close” and then open the Limit Form, the internal note will be seen.

The  changed user default value will only be applied to the items added after setting the user default, the item already added in the cart will not have the updated user default values.

The changes done in the user default view will only be applied on click of “Apply and Close”.

Please follow the below example to see how it works.

Change the Additional Name field in Shipping Address In User Settings and click on “Apply and Close”.

Now add a free text item and click on Review Cart. Go to item details.

The Additional Name field in Shipping Address will be changed to the value set in User Setting.

User defaults can be extended and new fields can be added using the extensibility framework for SRM UI Add-On.

For more information please go through the link Extensibility in SAP SRM User Interface Addon 1.0.

Note: Users can change the meta data for the fields in the User Settings.

This can be done using the BADI /SRMNXP/BD_USER_DEF_METADATA”.

A default implementation “/SRMNXP/CL_USER_DEF_METADATA” exists for the above BADI.