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Product and Topic Expert
Product and Topic Expert
Can you believe it, it is already November. Well in time for the dark Winter months, SAP Fieldglass switches on some bright lights in the application with some fantastic new features in the November release.

SAP Fieldglass has 2 major releases each year, in May and November, which are rejuvenation events bringing about new epic features and extensions of functionality. Sometimes, you will also have an item on the list where you think "oh, I did not know that was even missing, how did I live without it". I personally look forward to the releases with great expectations - a little bit like a New Years party, checking the new features out on the weekend, before everyone else.

Here are my top new features and some intel on what it might mean for you and the application. If you need more information, feel free to reach out to your SAP Fieldglass representative or SAP Partner - alternatively, write me a mail or comment on this post.

  • Custom lookups: there are a number of new custom lookups available, e.g. Commodity Code and Qualifications. Seeing the rise in custom lookup options and the more elaborate design features that came out in the last 2 years or so, it is really worth getting more familiar with them. Custom lookups simplify your setup of conditional settings, associations and values across modules. More so, some functionalities are only possible (in a meaningful way) with them, such as the SOW coordinator, tenure policies or the rate change matrix.

  • Integrations: there have been many additions to integrations: new connectors, e.g. purchase unit upload and signature authority upload have been included, some connectors are available in new API formats and modification of existent connectors to include new fields or values. It is obvious, that SAP Fieldglass is an integral part of the intelligent enterprise and, even more so, puts a big focus on data and how to move information across systems. Seeing the updates to the existent connectors, simplification and the universal use of integrations is a core driver.

  • Configuration Manager: It was only introduced a few releases ago and is already a core pillar of the application. Anyone handling up- or downloads, no matter if they are part of an integration or manually administrated, should be aware of the configuration manager. With some new features, such as the access to the subscription modification log or that configuration managers can now delete payloads and end points that are not used in active configurations, you will wonder how you have lived without them.

  • Services (SOW): My absolut highlight was the change to the rates setup for SOW Workers. Sometimes, in order to get the most qualified worker on a statement of work, the supplier must increase the rate from what is on the rate grid. Previously, customers using rate grids on SOW workers only allowed suppliers to decrease the rate grid rate. There is a new SOW type and template rule that gives the buyer the option to allow the supplier to increase the rate grid rate. Customers have been converted to maintain existing functionality that only allows the supplier to decrease the rate. This change indicated, that rates definitely remain a focus in the application and clients have been heard. This was co-design at its best!

  • Translations: The German version of the application had a number of changes to the wording, such as the "Mitarbeiter" now being a "Externer Mitarbeiter" and "Leistungsbeschreibungsgebot" now being "Ausschreibung". This change is visible throughout the application, including reporting, integrations and the user interface. If you need adjust the working back to the old naming convention or change additional wording, use the custom text functionality. This is a massive change for German-speaking users, visible from day one and might impact your user guides and other documentation.

The details of the release you can see on the  SAP Fieldglass Help Portal

Enjoy and let me know what you think!