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Driving innovation and extending customer value with the Intelligent Sustainable Enterprise is key and one of our main priorities. That’s why SAP Partner Solution Adoption team has developed an enablement series and Hack4Green event specifically for our SAP partners: Sustainable Procurement and Connected Supply Chains.

This series

  • Provides SAP partners with a deep dive into Sustainable Procurement innovations and go to market

  • Articulates the value of the Intelligent Sustainable Enterprise combining SAP Intelligent Spend and Business Network Solutions with SAP S/4HANA Cloud and SAP Business Technology Platform.

  • Gives partners the opportunity to join our co-innovation program and accelerate the building and commercializing of their extensions.

#SAPPartners, understand the #SustainableProcurement imperative and help our customers build sustainable and strategic supply networks.

E S G => Environmental, Social and Governance

Multiple stakeholders (investors, consumers, employees, regulators, governments) push companies to meet higher ESG standards. Transforming for more sustainability is not only crucial to attract investors, satisfy customer demand, and meet employee aspirations. It is also driven by regulations moving from recommended framework to laws requiring companies to realize a due diligence up the stream of their supply chains, making sure suppliers comply with ESG requirements. As a result, the 2023 CPO agenda encompasses: social procurement, social consciousness, circular economy, and supply chains’ ESG score impact. Let’s highlight some challenges faced by our customers:

  • Carbon Footprint Reduction: how can my company reduce its CO2 equivalent emissions and looking at the Supply Chain (Scope 3 emissions): which suppliers are the best to work with to help me in that journey?

  • Social Procurement: how can I effectively drive corporate diversity programs including objectives on buying from minorities?

  • Human Rights Due Diligence in Supply Chains regulations: those are popping up around the world. How can my company comply with those such as Germany’s LkSG 2023 law (as well as other countries: Canada Fighting against Forced Labour and Child Labour in Supply Chains Act 2024, US Uyghur Forced Labor Prevention Act 2022, EU CSDDD ~2024, Swiss Code of Obligations 2022, Norway Transparency Act 2022, Australia Modern Slavery Act 2019, France Duty of Vigilance law 2017, …)?

  • ESG factors: how can I holistically report on those including the multiple tiers of my supply chains?

Procurement organizations need to prioritize cost as the main driver (along with risk, quality…). Now sustainability is a new key factor. Sustainaibility regulations are changing the way companies will drive RFPs and select suppliers. Sustainability at the core of procurement is a strategic shift that enables an organization to meet its corporate objectives (e.g. carbon neutral by 2030, 30% circular economy suppliers, 20% diverse suppliers…) by working with the right suppliers. That also directly contributes to make companies’ supply chain more resilient.

Join our enablement series to take the next step and help your customers innovate. In this series, SAP experts will share with you all you need to know in order to discuss, sell, demo, extend use cases driving Sustainable Procurement with your customers and prospects. The series is organized in several episodes and followed with a Hack4Green where you will have the chance to prototype a use case and commercialize it on the SAP Store:

  • Webinar: SAP Cloud for Sustainable Enterprises LoB Series - Human Rights Due Diligence in Supply Chains - The LkSG German law is just the beginning. Understand the HRDD (Human Right Due Diligence) global picture and how you can help your customers comply with LkSG and upcoming regulations globally leveraging SAP Ariba Supplier Risk. Replay (For SAP Partners only).

  • Webinar: SAP Cloud for Sustainable Enterprises LoB Series - Sustainable Procurement Positioning - Learn about the Sustainable Procurement imperative in 2023, how to leverage SAP’s Sustainable Procurement Sales Play and Portfolio, and the innovation opportunities for partners. Replay (For SAP Partners only)

  • Webinar: SAP Cloud for Sustainable Enterprises LoB Series - Sustainable Procurement – Differentiate with partner extensions with SAP Business Technology Platform - Understand how to differentiate and scale developing and monetizing unique addons (extensions, apps…) addressing sustainability use cases. Replay (For SAP Partners Only)

  • After discovering our solution portfolio in the previous webinars and info sessions, apply to the next Sustainable Procurement Hack4Green or the One-to-One Prototyping program. Describe a use case at business scenario level: use case template (For SAP Partners Only). If your use case is validated, you will receive high touch coaching to build your app in an accelerated way, showcase it to SAP leadership and position your company as a co-innovator on the SAP Store. For more information, please contact our Co-Innovation Lab team.

  • 26-30 June 2023: Hack4Green prototyping phase (more information here).

Co-innovation programs:

Hack4Green (Sprint1 program) is a co-innovation program designed for partners who wish to enrich their skills and develop solutions in the world of SAP Business Technology Platform. This is a series of enablement and use case elaboration sessions followed by a Build phase in which partners turn their own use case into a functional solution and demo it to a panel of SAP Executives on the final day. The partners and SAP then follow up individually with action items to take the partner solution to the next level. If there is no Sprint1 or Hack2Build event available for your region at the moment, yet you have a valid use case to be build on SAP Business Technology Platform, apply to our One-to-One Prototyping program.

The partner opportunity:

As a partner, build the intelligent, sustainable enterprise addressing sustainable procurement customer use cases. Several partners already took the opportunity to lead with apps and add-ons commercialized on the SAP store with high focus on providing supplier sustainability risk indicators (related to human rights, scope 3 emissions...). Those extensions are leveraged by customers to monitor risks across the supply chain. There are way more untapped opportunities around sustainable procurement and supply chain in general, leveraging SAP Business Technology Platform, connecting procurement solutions to SAP sustainability solutions built on BTP such as Sustainability Control Tower & Product Footprint Management, and the available inbound & outbound APIs.

Procurement solution focus in this Hack4Green:

  • SAP Ariba Supplier Risk, SAP Ariba Supplier Lifecycle & Performance

  • SAP Ariba Sourcing, SAP Ariba Direct Sourcing

  • SAP Ariba Guided Buying

  • SAP Fieldglass

SAP Business Network focus in this Hack4Green:

  • SAP Business Network Supply Chain Collaboration

  • SAP Business Network Global Track and Trace

  • SAP Business Network Material Traceability

  • SAP Business Network Commerce Automation

Read what participating partners say about the top challenges faced by their customers:

Voice of the partner: what are the main sustainability challenges faced by your customers?


Learn more: