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SAP’s new Support Assistant is now available for SRM in order to help to reduce incident processing time and providing solutions in real time. Check the video how it works:


Take the opportunity to participate on a Webinar: 21. April about Support Assistant. Save the Date


To improve your support experience and simplify the incident creation process, SAP’s support assistant uses tree structures to help you step through a series of questions that narrow down to the problem area, meanwhile recommending solutions in real-time. 

During the incident creation process on the SAP ONE Support Launchpad the ‘support assistant’ offers you a guided approach presented through a conversational user interface.

How can I access the ‘support assistant’?

Simply visit the SAP ONE Support Launchpad to create a new support incident.

How does it work?

During incident creation, when you select the SAP Supplier Relationship Product, a popup will be displayed in the bottom-right corner. Press the "Start" button to open Support Assistant.

Questions are asked to narrow down the problem area. At each step recommended help is provided on the right-hand side of the window which can help you to resolve the issue. This help content includes KBAs, SAP Notes, community posts, WIKIs, etc.

If you want to know more details about the options presented, you can click on ‘Show More Info’ button. This will provide more detailed information about the options to help you make the right choice. Should you wish to change your mind about a previous answer you can click on ‘Previous Question’ to step back.

In case you cannot find the solution till the end of the tree, the component will be determined and we will collect some information from you via free-text or you should select the answer(s) from a dropdown menu. You can then choose to go on to submit this to SAP Support as a new incident.

All the selections and the information provided by you will be copied to the incident creation form when the Support Assistant is closed. You still have the option to change any of the information you provided before you submit the incident and you can attach documents (step-by-step description/screenshots/DUMP files/traces), add contact persons to the incident in case you have.

The Support Assistant is also avaialable for multiple products. The most current list of supported products  can be found in: 2836020 – Which products are supported for the Support Assistant within the SAP ONE Support Launchpa... (Login required)


Support Assistant can fasten the incident processing by routing the incident to the correct component, collecting necessary information which are needed for Support Engineers for the analysis of your problem and it can also help you to find the solution in real time.