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Last month, we hosted an invoicing webinar for our suppliers on Ariba Network to share best practices and address common invoicing questions. We were excited about the level of interaction throughout the event and the questions we received. 

We’re answering all your questions in the form of a blog series organized by common themes. The fourth post for this series is on Invoice Statuses.  

To watch the webinar on-demand, register first before accessing it here. To review the general invoicing process, check out this video. 


Invoice status 

Q1: What are the different statuses and their meaning?  

  • For a full list of document statuses and routing statuses, click here. 

Q2: Even though my invoices are paid and completed, the status is not moving past “Approved”. 

  • Some customers don’t send remittance information to Ariba Network and suppliers would need to contact their customers directly to find out the expected payment date. However, if your invoice is already paid then the transaction is complete. 

Q3: How can we tell a submitted invoice is correct or not? 

  • Ariba Network automatically validates your invoice details and will notify you of errors. If there are no errors message and your customer does not reject the invoice, you can deduce that the submitted invoice is correct.  

Q4: If my invoice gets rejected, do I simply create a new invoice against the same PO? 

  • If your invoice is rejected, you can create a new invoice against the same PO or edit the invoice to submit again. 

Q5: Do my buyers get notified instantly when I send an invoice? 

  • Ariba Network allows for real-time notifications – both you and your customer will know immediately when an order or invoice has an update. 

Q6: How can I see the date my invoice gets approved by my buyer? When does the number of days until the payment deadline start counting down?  

  • Once an invoice is accepted, the days until payment will start counting down. To see the approval date, follow the steps below:

  • Click into an invoice that’s been approved

  • Click on the “Scheduled Payments” tab

  • Check the “Accepted Date” column

  • For example:

Q7: Sometimes I see multiple comments when my invoice is rejected. How do we determine which errors to fix? 

  • If an invoice is rejected due to errors, you must fix all the errors before proceeding. 

Q8: Who approves my invoices that are pending approval and how can I move the process along?

  • Once you have sent an invoice to your customer, your customer would have to approve the invoice to move the transaction along. If there is no action within the expected time frame, please communicate with your customer.

Q9: What happens if my buyers aren’t receiving my order confirmations? 

  • To ensure you confirm the entire order, follow these steps below: 

  • Click on the “Orders” tile in your workbench 

  • Find the PO you’d like to confirm 

  • Click the “…” under the “Actions” column 

  • Select “Confirm Entire Order” 

  • For example: 

  • If the order status is not updating between you and your customer despite taking the proper steps, please contact the Support team.  

Q10: Is there a way to amend an invoice after it has been accepted by the customer? 

  • No, once a document is approved by the customer, you can’t make any changes. In the case that amendments are needed, your customer would have to reject or cancel the invoice before you could resubmit an updated one. 



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