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In this blog post you are going to learn all the steps needed to successfully setup the Guided Buying tactical sourcing. Note that there are few steps like setting up End Points, Feature Toggle are to be performed by SAP Ariba team.

Guided buying uses request forms to capture user input in order to facilitate the request for quotation (RFQ) process for certain commodities and locations. You design forms to take care of your organization's self-service scenarios. If your organization has purchased SAP Ariba Sourcing, you can also configure the low-touch, high-touch, and sourcing request scenarios.

To get started, follow this workflow:

1)Verify GBEndPoint, S4EndPoint has been set at Ariba Network and Document Routing has been appropriately set up using these two End Points. (This should be already setup during baselining Process, Please takes assistance from SAP Tech lead if required)

2) Set/Verify the End Point in GB.

AdminàTactical sourcingàclick Endpoint configuration (update it to GBEndPoint and password to Shared Secret password set at Ariba Network side)

Note: If you do not know the Shared Secret, please check with Ariba Tech Lead.

3)Verify the GB template is already created in the system under Manage Templates

  1. On the Documents tab, expand the arrow next to Guided Buying Templates.

  2. Click the Guided Buying Quote template (Guided Buying Sourcing Request Quote for the sourcing request template), and then choose one of the following options:

    • Open: Open the template to view details.


  1. Verify the GB sourcing Quote template is active and note down ID.

Note: Customers with only Sourcing entitlement, can modify or edit or create their own template.

  1. In the guided buying forms builder, an administrator designs and publishes a form which is required for RFQ.

  2. On the guided buying administration page, an administrator adds the request form(created from step 4) as a tile to one of your landing pages.

  3. On the guided buying administration page, an administrator configures supplier and touch policies to determine whether to generate an RFQ event or sourcing request, how many preferred suppliers are required to create the RFQ event, and whether to publish the event automatically.


When setting up the policies, you need to associate the policy with the sourcing template you created. (For customers where there is no Sourcing entitlement, it will be always equal to SYS0242).

By taking these steps, you ensure that casual users and functional buyers can simply browse for the request form on your landing pages in guided buying. You configure the form so that users won't need to know which commodity code to enter, or which suppliers are preferred for the commodity.


  1. Load the qualified/preferred supplier from SM Admin/SLP.

  2. Check this link on how to load Preferred supplier https://support.ariba.com/item/view/KB0403246

Note: Wait for 6 to 8 hours for supplier Sync to GB.

(If the Supplier Qualified/Preferred shows the select button as Grey format (non-selectable) in GB, then ensure to load supplier user data in Sourcing solution.)

Few helpful links for common issues during setting up tactical sourcing,

Note: Below links will be accessible only if you have Ariba connect account.

1)If Qualified supplier not available in RFQ form in Guided Buying,

Content Items (ariba.com)

2)If RFQ fails with an error message in guided buying,

Content Items (ariba.com)

Content Items (ariba.com)

3)When supplier receive an award notification from Guided buying,

Content Items (ariba.com)
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