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Hello SAP Ariba community!

This year at SAP Spend Connect Live, we introduced SAP Ariba as the primary brand across SAP’s procurement portfolio. This decision was made in collaboration with you, our valued customers, and aims to provide a simplified and cohesive story. While SAP Ariba will now represent procurement at SAP, rest assured that other SAP brands, including SAP Business Network, SAP Fieldglass, and SAP Concur, will continue to serve you without any changes.

Now, let's dive into some of the new features we’re introducing to SAP Ariba.

Region import and use in SAP Ariba Category Management

The ability to import and use regions in SAP Ariba Category Management is a leap forward. This feature enables regions to be imported into Category Management, allowing category managers to create region-specific strategy and plan documents. This means you can now tailor your strategies to specific regions, giving you a strategic advantage when procuring items from different regions. This enhancement delivers a flexible and efficient approach to category management, truly a "must-have" in today's globalized business world.

Region import and use in SAP Ariba Category Management

Support for UNSPSC Version 25 in SAP Ariba solutions

We now support the UNSPSC Codeset v25.9 across SAP Ariba solutions allowing you to take advantage of several important updates for classification of your purchasing documents. This feature allows you to import the latest version of the UNSPSC commodity codes into your SAP Ariba solution, enhancing the categorization of your products and services. Please note, due to changes within UNSPSC, translations are no longer supported and will need to be provided by customers.

Mass Modular Questionnaire Invitations to Suppliers

The mass modular questionnaire invitations to suppliers feature is a key feature in enabling responsiveness to the ever changing data collection requirements faced by many organizations. With this feature, you can easily submit questionnaires to up to 10,000 suppliers at a time. This means you can gather additional data points on your supplier base, fostering better decision-making and compliance. Whether it's new legislation, internal audits, or third-party regulations, you now have a more efficient way to gather the information you need.

Mass Modular Questionnaire Invitations to Suppliers

Email Bidding in Multi-Round Guided Sourcing Events

We're making multi-round bidding easier and more accessible with our new feature, ‘support for email bidding in multi-round guided sourcing events’. Now, suppliers can submit their bids for multi-round events through email, without logging into the SAP Business Network. This simplifies the bidding process and opens up opportunities for more suppliers to participate.

Email bidding in multi-round guided sourcing events

These new features are designed to streamline your procurement processes and make SAP Ariba more user-friendly. We're thrilled to continually innovate and provide our customers with the best procurement solutions.

Stay tuned for more updates!

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