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Our SAP procurement teams are constantly striving to deliver amazing innovations that drive customer success. With a keen focus on enhancing the customer experience, we are happy to share the new innovations in our 2305 release.

We are thrilled to present our latest features designed to drive your business success, including Risk Aware Procurement, Findings and Event Collaboration, Services Procurement, and Item Recommendations in guided buying. Each of these features brings unique value to your procurement process, from mitigating risk and promoting collaboration to simplifying services procurement and streamlining discovery of related items.


Highlights of the SAP Procurement 2305 Release

Guided buying – Item Recommendations

With SAP Ariba’s item recommendations feature, users can save time by letting guided buying suggest products based on artificial intelligence, the individual user and the purchasing history of your organization.

By displaying recommendations in a carousel on the guided buying home page or on the item details page, users can quickly find what they are looking for without having to manually search for it In addition, item recommendations can be displayed in the item details page as related items to aid in purchasing decision making.


Guided buying – Item Recommendations


Supplier Risk and guided Buying – Evaluate Potential Risk for Non-Catalog Purchases

Organizations can now incorporate supplier risk engagement requests into their non-catalog requisitions in guided buying allowing the evaluation of suppliers for potential risk before making non-catalog purchases.

The process works by triggering an engagement request policy based on the supplier, commodity, and other definitions set, during the creation of the purchase request. If an engagement request is triggered, it must be approved by risk experts before the requisitioner can submit their purchase request.

This feature saves time and effort by preventing additional manual steps and helps to mitigate potential risks to ensure compliant purchasing with assessed suppliers.


Supplier Risk and guided buying – Evaluate Potential Risk for Non-Catalog Purchases


Supplier Risk – Enable Collaboration with Third-Party Contacts on Findings

By enabling collaboration with third-party contacts such as members of the public, NGOs, and auditors, SAP Ariba Supplier Risk's “Enable Collaboration with Third-Party Contacts on Findings" feature allows finding validators and response coordinators to add external team members to the findings management team. This provides the customer with the benefit of being able to work collaboratively with third-party users, which can help them gain valuable insights and perspectives.

Third-party contacts are added to the team as external team members, alongside the supplier contacts invited for collaboration. When added to a finding's management team, the third-party contacts receive email invitations to collaborate on that specific finding. Finding validators and response coordinators can add either existing registered third-party contacts or new third-party contacts to their teams, and they can also remove the third-party contacts added to their teams.

Supplier Risk – Enable Collaboration with Third-Party Contacts on Findings


SAP Ariba Buying and Invoicing – Integration for Routing Service Requisitions

Integration for routing service requisitions is a comprehensive feature that delivers buyers with the ability to streamline and optimize their service requisition process. By enabling integration between SAP Ariba Buying and Invoicing, SAP Fieldglass, and SAP Business Network, this feature allows buyers to create service requisitions based on Statements of Work (SOWs) and Work Orders as well as complete the end-to-end requisition to pay process.

With this feature, buyers can experience significant improvements in integration functionality, such as the automatic creation of service entry sheets and invoices, simplifying the reconciliation process and ensuring invoices are ready for integration to ERP for payment. Additionally, service purchase order references are updated in SAP Fieldglass directly, enabling buyers to manage procurement processes efficiently.

SAP Ariba Buying and Invoicing – Integration for Routing Service Requisitions


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