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Knowledge-Centered Service or KCS, is a support industry standard methodology that incorporates knowledge creation into the case-solving process. Support creates articles as a product of resolving issues or customer questions. This results in a knowledge base that can be shared with our customers and each other. KCS recognizes our ability to learn, collaborate, share, and improve. KCS is not something we do in addition to solving a case, it becomes the way we solve it.

I am a Support engineer with the SAP Fieldglass application. Before that, I was in the SAP Student Training and Rotation program where I had the opportunity to know different support teams and how they share their knowledge with customers. I was excited to help the SAP Fieldglass support adopt KCS as I had witnessed how it helps create a better experience for our customers and each other.

Our team received the required training and we started to create Knowledge Base Articles (KBAs). As this evolved, we went live with the help center for SAP Fieldglass solutions, where we could share the articles with our customers. This new way to partner with customers provides the information they need to quickly resolve application questions without having to send in a case.

It can start with a common request like ‘How do I register for my worker account?’ When we help resolve a case, we also create a Knowledge Base Article (KBA) with organized steps for the user to determine their next action. Recently, we were amazed to learn from reporting, that this KBA has gone to be one of the most-viewed KBAs. And 97% of the time it appears to help the customer solve their issue on the spot. This is an example of what a single KBA can do.

It wasn’t that way from the start, but it was a team effort. From an ‘Is this article helpful?’ response, we received customer feedback on the KBA. They still had issues relating to one of the optional registration fields, security ID. That input resulted in a KBA update to include information on how to resolve Security Id questions. Also, I can see my colleagues have improved the KBA since it is now on version 16. I really believe the collaboration is what made this a great KBA!

A customer also shared with us their contentment with our new help center for SAP Fieldglass solutions. They decided to use the tool for several days, and they shared with us that they always found a suitable, well-constructed KBA article in the help center, that significantly reduced their resolution time.

With that in mind, we are confident to say that sharing knowledge is the key to offer a better service and to empower our customers. We are partners in this journey, so receiving customer feedback is essential to improve our shared knowledge and create a better experience using SAP Fieldglass for all.