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Welcome to another edition of the ‘What’s new in SAP Business Network for Supply Chain’ series of blog posts where I discuss the new features delivered with every major release.

While you can get a full overview of the 2308 release items for SAP Business Network for Supply Chain under the following link, I wanted to focus on two that I consider especially great additions to the solution.

1) Additional Customizations for Ship Notice Excel Template for Upload/Download

With this feature we are enhancing the extensibility of SAP Business Network for Supply Chain by introducing new customizations for the ship notice Excel template for upload/download. These customizations include providing alternate names and translations for standard attributes, allowing users to hide optional standard attributes, defining custom attributes to be required, and others.

The expected benefits are:

  • Providing more flexibility to customers when customizing the ship notice Excel template for their suppliers

  • Simplifying the generation of ship notices through a mass upload for suppliers

2) Quality Inspection Report. 

Buyers who enabled SAP Business Network Supply Chain Collaboration, quality add-on and suppliers collaborating with them on quality processes will have access to a new quality inspection report type.

The quality inspection report aggregates information from multiple quality inspections and generates a spreadsheet in Excel format with multiple sheets:

  • Inspections – Lists general information about each quality inspection in the report.

  • Single Result – Records quality inspection characteristics containing multiple samples.

  • Summarized Recording – Records quality inspection characteristics containing a single sample.

  • Attachments – List of attachments for each quality inspection.

This great thing about this feature is that buyers and suppliers will be able to get their quality inspections information in a report where they will see all key information in one place.

Stay tuned for more news coming soon on SAP Business Network for Supply Chain !

To learn more about SAP Business Network for Supply Chain visit  SAP Business Network Supply Chain Collaboration

For further questions and feedback related to the blog, please feel free to post your questions with the tag SAP Business Network for Supply Chain.