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This blog post provides an overview of key innovations in the 2208 Release of SAP Business Network Solutions.

On August 19, 2022, we released exciting new SAP Business Network innovations for our customers We continue the vision based on the foundation laid down in the 2105 release back in May 2021.

Let me share some of the key highlights from the SAP Business Network 2208 Release: -

New Buyer Trading Partner Portal Experience 
The SAP Business Network buyers homepage has been redesigned to become a true trading partner portal, part of the SAP Business Network. The new buyer homepage features simplified navigation consistent with other SAP cloud solutions, a more powerful search bar, an instant overview of your transactions in a new tile-based design, and a new My widgets section that you can customize with various insights and promotional widgets.

Supplier invoice status portal 

The invoice status portal is a self-service platform that allows suppliers to view their invoice status when the invoice is due to be paid based on the net payment term and provides visibility to remittance details.

Invoices posted to the buyers’ ERP will be copied over to the invoice status portal. All suppliers for a buyer will be able to see the status of invoices that are registered in the buyer’s accounting system – regardless of invoicing channel or network membership.

Key benefits for Accounts Payable Resources
Reduce inquiries from suppliers by giving them self-service access to the invoice status information they need while lowering the potential for manual errors and miscommunication. With reduced supplier inquiries, your accounts payable team can focus on more strategic activities. You can also see metrics related to supplier adoption of your Invoice Status Portal, which can inform your supplier enablement initiatives.

Improve Supplier Confidence
The user-friendly portal lets suppliers configure notifications to receive an e-mail when the status of an invoice changes. Suppliers can receive notifications when the status of an invoice
changes, when an invoice is created on their behalf, or when an invoice is undeliverable. This
strengthens the business relationship and gives your suppliers confidence, knowing that they can be kept informed of the status of their invoices


New standard account registration experience for Copy Invoice and Supplier Profile API Enhancements

The supplier invitation letters for the invoice copy and ICS invoice quick enablement methods have been updated to include SAP Business Network branding. Suppliers registering this way are onboarded as standard accounts using the new SAP Business Network experience.

The Supplier profile API additional public data is now returned in response to a GET call to the Ariba Network Supplier Profile API:

  • The Last Updated timestamp - the date on which the profile was last updated
    Links to three social networks, if available in a profile - three networks are facebook.com, twitter.com, and linkedin.com

  • Marketing attachments, if available in a profile - attachments that might be added to a profile to showcase an organization, such as customer presentations, case studies, and so forth.All certification levels, if available in a profile

Service Procurement

Integrate hierarchies in the SES/Invoice in the 42K integration scenario 
This feature supports the integration of hierarchies in service entry sheets (SES) and invoices. Invoices are automatically generated from approved receipts (for material items) and approved service entry sheets (for lean-services items).

The 42K Information published on the SAP site integration scenario involves integration between SAP S/4HANA Cloud, SAP Fieldglass, and SAP Business Network for services procurement and supports the exchange of documents such as orders, service sheets, and invoices. All data is routed through SAP Ariba Cloud Integration Gateway.


TCS calculation enhancements for India GST  
SAP Business Network for Procurement now automates the calculation of Tax Collected at Source (TCS) amount for suppliers while creating invoices. The TCS taxable amount is calculated based on the line-item amount, GST, cess, discount at the line item, and charges. This feature helps suppliers to avoid manual calculation of TCS amount.

SAP Business Network Sustainability initiative - Material Traceability with Carbon Data Exchange

The new capability allows Calculate product footprints periodically and at scale across the entire product lifecycle

  • Reuse existing business data to combine it with environmental factors and calculate your products' footprints periodically and at scale.

  • Emission factors management & monthly calculation of all products in the system

  • The standard way to store the carbon footprint data of your product batches along with the batch attributes and characteristics to support your sustainability initiatives

  • Preconfigured integration of carbon footprint data from SAP Product Footprint Management via SAP S/4HANA 2021 or higher

  • Enhanced query API to read carbon footprint data from the upstream genealogy of product batches


Supply Chain Collaboration

Self-Service Customization for Orders and Ship Notices

In the purchase order, customers send information relevant to their collaboration processes. However, this information is not always part of the standard fields shown in the different Network pages (document details, WB list pages, Excel upload pages, reports).

The new capability provides a self-Service option for Buyer Administrators, who can now easily create custom attributes that allow them to communicate to suppliers, in the purchase order, information that is relevant for their collaboration process, but that is not part of the Ariba standard. The Administrators can create customization projects to add custom attributes to the Ship Notice Excel template for Upload/Download. Also, administrators can create customization projects to add custom attributes to the Workbench tiles for Items to Confirm, Orders, and Items to Ship.

The feature greatly Enhances the extensibility of the solution and improves collaboration between buyers and their trading partners

Improvements for order confirmation of scheduling agreements and scheduling agreement releases 
The new capability introduces the logic to retain previous confirmation when a new version of the scheduling agreement or scheduling agreement release is received and has been improved. The current pain point for many suppliers is when only the delivery date of the schedule line changes in the new version, confirmation is not retained. Hence, the supplier must provide a new confirmation.  This is time-consuming and causes friction in the collaboration process.

In addition, open quantities for confirmation are now downloaded at the schedule line level, instead of at the item level. This change applies to scheduling agreements, schedule agreement releases, and regular orders. As a consequence, the confirmation process is greatly simplified.

Asset Intelligence Network Innovations

Work Orders Operations – Usability Enhancements

As an Operator, you can now view associated Functional Locations on Work Order screens like

      • Work Orders Object page

      • Manage Work Orders

It is also now possible to search, sort, and filter work orders based on Functional Locations.

Work Orders- Feed Feature

The new capability as displayed below allows Business Partners in the Asset Network to communicate about the progress of a Work Order, operation, or a confirmation using the work order feed feature.


The above summarizes only the key innovations for 2208. For more detailed information , please review the readiness content from our support portal.

We hope you enjoy the new capabilities in this release .Thanks for reading the blog post and stay tuned! To learn more about SAP Business Network visit http://sap.com/businessnetwork

For further questions and feedback related to the blog, please check the Q&A area and feel free to post your questions in the link with the tag SAP Business Network for Procurement or SAP Business Network for Logistics. or SAP Business Network for Asset.