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I am very proud to with this blogpost announce that SAP recently launched its new mobile application SAP Ariba Shopping which is a part of the SAP Ariba portfolio of procurement solutions. The new native mobile application is developed for both iOS and Android, and runs on the SAP Business Technology Platform (BTP). This is another milestone towards fulfilling SAP´s mobile strategy mission to deliver a simple and beautiful mobile experience, using the latest and fastest technologies. SAP Ariba Shopping adds to the line-up of a powerful suite of SAP native mobile applications.

SAP Ariba Shopping complements the existing SAP Ariba Procurement application, expanding the Ariba procurement solution portfolio. While the SAP Ariba Procurement application focuses on the professional buyer persona, SAP Ariba Shopping tackles the needs of casual buyers.

A state-of-the art purchasing app leveraging the latest Fiori Horizon SDK components, SAP Ariba Shopping delivers the user experience employees want - an app that feels no different from the everyday app they use in their private lives. Finding and purchasing the right products is a breeze, thanks to features like image search and augmented reality preview.

In addition to extensive research, feedback from external customer beta testers has been invaluable in scoping and refining the app’s features.

Overview of some app features:

Dashboard with Kits and Recently Viewed Items

The main dashboard of the app provides a holistic overview of the search feature, preconfigured packages or kits, and recently viewed items, making it easier than ever for users to find what they need.

Image Search

The image search feature complements the default text search and adds tremendous value for users. Users can easily take a photo of their product of interest directly within the search functionality of the app. Users will then receive SAP Ariba Catalog search results based on the image.

Introducing SAP Ariba Shopping: Logo, Homescreen, and Search by Image and Voice

Voice Search

The voice-to-text search is a comparable feature to image search. Users can simply say the product category or product name out loud, and will be quickly shown all relevant products within the catalog.

Sustainability Info

It is SAP’s mission to help enterprises run at their best, and that often means in a more efficient and sustainable manner. When the data is available, users can take sustainability parameters into consideration before making a product purchase. Our app provides information on the following parameters: carbon footprint, packaging, and energy consumption. All this information will be displayed on the product details screen.

SAP Ariba Shopping product details screen with sustainability information

Augmented Reality Mode

With SAP Ariba Shopping, users no longer need to imagine how the product looks in their home or at their office, but can actually see it, check it out, and make an informed decision. With our augmented reality mode users can now see the 3D display of products on their desk. On the product details screen, users can simply tap on “3D” and the product will be projected as a 3D visual right in their environment. This is a huge improvement in terms of user friendly display of products.

Demonstrating the SAP Ariba Shopping Augmented Reality mode

Buy Now

As with our everyday shopping apps, users can add multiple products by tapping “Add to Cart” before checking out. But if they want to quickly purchase a single item, the app offers them an express checkout option by simply tapping on “Buy Now” on the product details screen, saving a tremendous amount of time.

Custom Fields

The app also enables customers to comply with local regulatory requirements through the availability of custom fields in the requisition details screen. Here, users can be prompted to enter specific data that may vary from country to country.

In a Nutshell

SAP has delivered for its customers a fun and aesthetic shopping application that the casual buyer will thoroughly enjoy using. Intuitive design, cutting edge technology and innovative tools deliver a shopping experience that the user will fondly remember.

Call to Action!

Nothing beats the real thing, so if you want to learn more, please head directly to one of the stores to download the latest version and try out the demo mode!

For more information on SAP Ariba Shopping, please visit sap.com/mobile and follow MXE Community, or refer to our official product documentation in the SAP Help Portal

We are looking forward to hearing from you: Let us know your thoughts and share with us any feedback you have on SAP Ariba Shopping!

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