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For more than two decades, SAP Ariba has been providing many exceptional procurement solutions to large and midsize companies. However, oftentimes the perception in the marketplace is that SAP Ariba serves primarily large enterprise companies—those that spend hundreds of millions of dollars each year on procurement activities.

Did you know that SAP Ariba serves more than 600 companies in the mid-market space? These organizations have many of the same challenges at large enterprises, especially when it comes to procurement — challenges such as lack of compliance to corporate procurement policies, difficulty maintaining and enhancing supplier relationships, and being able to obtain real-time visibility into corporate spend.

Unfortunately, many of these midsize businesses do not have the tools or processes in place to address these challenges. Some companies utilize the minimal functionality available in their ERP systems, while others rely on improvised systems from packaged software for risk management, stakeholder management, category management, and information sharing. However, unlike cloud-based technologies, not all traditional tools allow for real-time collaboration.

The result? Missed opportunities in generating cost savings and enhancing competitiveness.

Stepping Up With a Solution

This gap in the market was the impetus for SAP Ariba partner, Seidor, to design the Seidor Digital P2P package for midsize companies.

According to Ignacio Ruiz de Eguilaz, Managing Director Seidor Middle & North Africa, “Digital procurement solutions not only create an opportunity to improve efficiency, but also pave the way for procurement teams to play a strategic role in accelerating innovation. In contrast to ERP solutions, a P2P offering can provide the customer with a clear ROI and with forecasting and cost reduction projections. There is no doubt that SAP Ariba is identified by many research institutions as a leader in this domain.”

Seidor Digital P2P package is designed for midsize companies to help them leverage the full strength of SAP Ariba’s market-leading cloud-based applications, while making the most of Seidor’s industry experience in delivering procurement solutions. “At Seidor, we used our experience in implementing SAP solutions in the mid-market to build a viable solution called Seidor Digital P2P with a fixed competitive subscription price that gives midsize companies all the essential functions they need to automate their procurement. This offering is a tremendous opportunity for midsize businesses to acquire a market-leading procurement platform, with the ability to grow as the business grows.”

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Kathryn Zwack, Global General Business Marketing and Programs, SAP Ariba

Chelo Jiménez, Global Partner Marketing Manager, SAP Ariba