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Many customers and partners may want to change the standard text in SRM UI AddOn application.

For this SRM UI AddOn supports a customizing activity where one can replace the standard texts on the UI with their own texts.

There are two ways via which customer may replace the standard text

  • All the OTR texts in specific packages can be replaced
  • Specific OTR texts in any packages can be replaced

*Please follow the examples below for detailed understanding


The following are two scenarios in which one can replace the standard OTR texts with their own OTR texts.

Scenario 1: In the Type of Mapping field, select All OTRs in the Package.

In this scenario, On the UI of the application, all OTR texts defined in the Source Package would be replaced with OTR texts defined in a Target Package. In this case the postfix of the alias shall be same. Please refer the example below:

For example, the following three OTR texts are defined in the Source Package XXX:

  •   XXX/A
  •   XXX/B
  •   XXX/C

Now, one has created two OTR texts in the Target Package YYY:

  •   YYY/A
  •   YYY/B

When one would specify XXX as the source package and YYY as the target package, XXX/A and XXX/B would get replaced by YYY/A and YYY/B respectively, and XXX/C would be unchanged.

Scenario 2:  In the Type of Mapping field, select Specific OTRs.

In this scenario, the Source Package and Target Package are deactivated. The source OTR text name is replaced by the target OTR text name. For example, if the source OTR text name is XXX/A and the target OTR text name is YYY/B, then YYY/B is displayed in the application.