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Explore a treasure trove of samples

There are discoveries to be made in the SAP Samples organization on GitHub.com. The site is full of useful snippets and scripts, tools and utilities, sample applications, as well as resources that support developer tutorials, virtual events, and even academic publications.

SAP Samples Org on GitHub.com

The wealth of goods here is surprising. Until I took over the publication pipeline for this channel, I was hardly aware of the variety of topics covered or the versatility of resources – some quickly solve a common customer issue, while others  methodically demonstrate and educate a user on the benefit of some particular software feature. It’s personally rewarding to reveal the nuggets of wisdom that are bundled into GitHub repositories; they could be the missing link that helps you finish a project, or a golden learning opportunity that inspires you to start your next one.

Here's where to find the goods

There's a gallery of popular samples in the community, and some repositories surface on context-appropriate community and developer topic pages. To further help promote their discovery, I've compiled a list of recently published samples for community members to look through in hopes that others will find a gem.

Following is the list of sample repositories published in the first three months of this year, along with the main contributors behind them (if I missed anyone, let me know in the comments). We have extensibility options for SAP Ariba, showcases on SAP BTP, how to develop on the SAP Launchpad service, and much more.

If none catch your eye, search the repositories directly on GitHub.com/SAP-samples.

Samples Published in Q1, 2021

  1. BTP Batch Administration - andrew.lunde

  2. Building CI CD Pipelines for Kyma Runtime Extensions and Applications - gabbi

  3. Collaboration in Business Context: SAP Workflow Service and Microsoft Teams - yatsea.li

  4. Developing a Shell Plugin for SAP Fiori Launchpad Service on SAP BTP, Cloud Foundry Environment with...aviad.rivlin, soeren.holst

  5. Hands-on Tutorial: Manage and Deploy Machine Learning Models in Kubernetes with SAP BTP, Kyma Runtim...yannick_schaper

  6. Mahlwerk: Cloud Mobile End-to-End Samplesandeep.tds, Pradyumn Upadhyay

  7. NodeJS Integration with ABAP/HANA Systems via SAP NetWeaver RFC Protocolsrdjan.boskovic

  8. SAP Ariba Extensibility Samplesajmaradiaga

  9. SAP BTP Showcase: Access SAP HANA Cloud Database Underneath SAP Data Warehouse Cloudchristiano.hage

  10. SAP BTP Showcase: Run Future Sales Prediction using SAP HANA Cloud Machine Learning Algorithmschristiano.hage

  11. SAP Graph Sample Model Packralf.handl, Martin Sprengel

  12. SAP HANA Cloud ML Challengesyannick_schaper

  13. SAP HANA Cloud Workshop Repository: Creating Database Objects in SAP HANA Cloud with SAP Business Ap...volker.saggau, chriskollhed

  14. SAP HANA Import CSV Files from Oraclemark.greynolds

  15. SAP Identity Management - Business Extensions Service  – rene.feister, gunnar.kosche3, norman.nuernberger,

  16. SAP Sales Cloud Extension  – nnicora

  17. SAP Tech BytesSAP Developer Advocates team

  18. SQL Anywhere Telegram Botartemy.gevorkov

Thanks to all these contributors!

Don't forget: Follow tags in your areas of interest and you’ll learn of new repositories in your activity stream.

Introducing SAP Samples Spotlight

We’ve started a series of videos to highlight some of the most popular and useful projects in the SAP Samples org. In these short segments, dj.adams walks through the inner workings of a repository with its creator.

In episode 1, ajmaradiaga, an integration developer with the SAP Ariba Procurement Delivery Center, talks about the aforementioned ariba-extensibility-samples repo.

In episode 2 we speak to christian.georgi, a product owner for SAP Cloud Application Programming Model, about the cloud-cap-samples repo.

Go behind the scenes on the first two episodes, then check the SAP Developers YouTube channel in early May for episode 3 when we focus on UI5.