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Please note that this topic is also covered by the available KBA 1997890 (SAP Service Marketplace access required)


SAP Sourcing 7.0 and SAP Contract Lifecycle Management 7.0
SAP Sourcing and SAP Contract Lifecycle Management 9.0

and WordService Installation performed on a supported Windows OS

Reproducing the Issue

  1. Set Log Severity
  2. Reproduce Issue
  3. Reset Log Severity
  4. Acquire Logs
  5. Validate Logs
  6. Provide validated Logs to Support



Make sure to have the appropriate access rights to the involved applications/functions:

  • OS level access / contact your local IT and/or system administrator

ESSENTIAL FILES to be provided to SAP Sourcing Support:

  • log_<date>.log and log_<date>.trc files contained within the directory given during the installation of the WordService


  1. Set Log Severity

    This step is only necessary if you are being asked to provide the Contract Generation Logs in "debug" severity. If this is the case then:

    a) Find the file located at: [www root]\WordService\Web.config and open it in a text editor

    b) Find the section "<appSettings>" and look for the string "<add key = “logLevel” value=”info”/>"

    NOTE: If you did not revert previous settings it might not read "info" for the value

    c) Change the value to "debug" and save.

    d) Restart the WordService.

    Example of a debug configured Web.config:

  2. Reproduce Issue
  3. Reset Log Severity

    Revert the changes made in step 1 by modifying the Web.config to its previous original value.
  4. Acquire Logs

    Navigate to the directory defined during the installation of the WordService.

    Example at

    and copy those files which are needed (see next step).
  5. Validate Logs

    NOTE: DEBUG entries will only be found in the respective log_<date>.log files. Nonetheless the log_<date>.trc files of the same timeframe are required.

    a) Open the files to see if the desired severity logging is there (you would see DEBUG, the screenshot only shows INFO and ERROR entries).

    b) Make sure that the timeframe is matching with the reproduction.
  6. Provide validated Logs to Support

    Once you have identified the relevant log files do provide them to SAP Sourcing Support