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Multiple service packs (SP) of SAP Sourcing/CLM 9.0 version have been released and many small to medium functional enhancements were made in those service packs. In this blog, I would highlight new features in CLM area–

  • Contract Hierarchy Usability Improvement – As you may know SAP CLM has supported contract hierarchy in 9.0. In SP’s usability of that feature has been improved by miles.  New “Hierarchy” Tab is introduced for complete Contract Hierarchy options. “Child” Agreements can be “Created” or “Linked” directly from within the “Hierarchy” Tab.  List of all immediate Child Agreements is shown with key columns Changes to Hierarchy can be locked with permission.   “Parent” Agreement can be “Linked” directly from the within “Hierarchy” Tab.

  • 5 additional Tabs on Master Agreement Document – Now CLM provides up to 5 blank tabs which can be added on to Master Agreement or Sub Agreement document. Customers can select number of additional tabs in Agreement’s document type. This is a great feature to easily organize custom fields or collections on those tabs. For e.g. you would like to add a Tab "sox compliance" where all the obligations are kept for reference.

  • Enhanced Change History – Now changes on some of the key fields of master agreement documents can be captured in greater details in change history.  Changes will be captured with details such as “From Value”, “To Value”, “Timestamp” etc. This is a great feature to keep all the changes in detail for auditing purposes.

  • Upload Contract directly to Executed Phase - Legacy Contract Documents can now be uploaded directly into “Executed” phase. Any other phases such as a workflow phase which is setup for contract types can be skipped. On upload new “Phase” field is shown which contains all the phases of selected Contract Type. User can move to any phase directly. Previously all uploaded executed contracts were first set to draft phase and users had to move the phases manually which was time consuming, with this feature the phase directly can be set to Executed.

  • Keep Amended Contract’s ID same as Original Contract’s ID - In previous releases, all amendments of a contract document were given unique ID’s, due to which it was quite difficult for users to track & audit related contract and their amendment documents.  With this enhancement, system would keep the ID’s of all amendments same as a contract document with a suffix for easy tracking & auditing.

I hope you find this blog useful. There are few more enhancements coming up in 9.0 future service packs which I would add on to this blog, make sure that you subscribe to this blog to get updates...and yes as always please feel free to leave any comments, questions or feedback.