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Release 10.0 of SAP Sourcing/CLM – generally available (GA) since 7-Nov-2014 - provides support for additional ECC Item Categories in its SAP ERP Integration as well as new ECC Item Category configuration capabilities within SAP Sourcing/CLM.

Please note that ECC Item Categories are called Item Types in SAP Sourcing/CLM.

Prior Item Category Support in Release 9.0

In Release 9.0 of SAP Sourcing/CLM, standard support for Material (Standard <blank>) and Service (D) Item Categories were available.

For the Material Item Category, standard support was provided for Material Masters and Free Text Material line items.  For the Service Item Category, standard support was provided for Free Text line items (where the integration supports a single level ECC Service Specification for each SAP Sourcing/CLM Free Text Service line item).

No other Item Categories/Item Types were available in SAP Sourcing/CLM 9.0.

New Release 10.0 Item Category Support

New Item Categories Supported

Now the SAP Sourcing/CLM ERP Integration provides standard support for the ECC Item Categories/Sourcing CLM Item Types of Consignment (K), Subcontracting (L), Material Unknown (M), and Material Group (W).  In addition, SAP Sourcing/CLM provides the ability to integrate up to 3 “custom” ECC Item Categories (requires custom PI mappings). 

These new ECC Item Categories/Item Types are fully supported on SAP Sourcing/CLM Reports and Imports/Exports.

Additional Item Category Configuration Capabilities

  • Automatic update of ECC Purchase Info Record for Consignment Item Type (Category) line items when published to SAP ERP.  Ref. SAP Note 1703392

  • New selected Item Types (Categories) can be activated on the RFx or Master Agreement Document Type level in ERP integrated documents

  • Control of Item Type (Category) visibility to Suppliers on Sourcing RFxs

  • Ability to change Item Type (Category) in RFx Award

If you are interested in learning more about these new capabilities, check out the related SAP Help for the new SAP Sourcing/CLM Release 10.0 ERP Integration features on Working with Item Types in SAP Sourcing on http://help.sap.com: