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Product and Topic Expert
Product and Topic Expert
Update: As of Q3 2021, the capability to search for companies on the Ariba Network supplier portal's login page has been removed. Users are still able to search for companies when they receive a sourcing invite, PO or collaboration request.


The Ariba Network product team has introduced new capabilities to help suppliers manage their Ariba Network accounts. If you have an Ariba Network account, you’re likely familiar with the term ANID, or the Ariba Network ID.

Each ANID is associated with one account. However, some companies may have more than one ANID if they have multiple departments, branches or subsidiaries. Oftentimes, users may not be aware that an ANID already exists for their company and create a new account to respond to their customer’s purchase order or sourcing request.

While having multiple ANIDs can be beneficial for some companies, it poses a challenge for organizations that need to centralize their processes. The new capabilities below address some of these issues:

Search for an Ariba Network registered company

  • Purchase order, sourcing invite or collaboration request

    • If your customer has sent you an order, sourcing invite or request via email, you can click on the action button and Ariba Network will automatically run a check to see if an account already exists for your company. If an account exists, you can either login or contact the administrator for access.

Register your company’s email domain

If you are the Ariba Network administrator for your company, you can register your email domain, and you will be notified if new accounts are created using the same domain. In order to register a domain, they have to be validated user emails and non-public domains (i.e. Gmail, Outlook and similar addresses).

Note that you can only register an email domain if it hasn’t already been registered. If another user in your company registers the same domain, Ariba Network won’t give you the option to do so again.

To register your email domain, go to the settings icon, select 'Account Registration'. On this page, you will see the email domains associated with your account. If it hasn’t been registered yet, you will see “yes” under the 'Available' column and click the box under Register. You can then check the box in the Notifications section to notify you when an account is created. Click save to save your preferences.

By default, new users aren’t blocked from creating an account, even if the domain is already registered by an administrator. This means that the user can continue to respond to their customer requests, and the admin is simply notified of the new account.

However, administrators can also register email domains and can select if new accounts are blocked when created during procurement (fulfilment) relationship requests. If a user registers for a new account using an email that matches a registered email domain with blocking option enabled, then that registration process is blocked and the supplier must contact the administrator or the supplier account associated with the registered email domain to resolve whether a new account is necessary.