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On May 21st, the SAP Ariba Network product team will be starting global roll-out of a new supplier portal homepage and workbench to all network suppliers. Below is a short summary of what network buyers need to know about the change and recommended actions.

New portal home page and workbench for all suppliers:

  • Suppliers will see two new pages, the portal homepage and workbench, both user configurable to be optimized the way they work

  • Across the network, the navigation menu has been updated with new labels, replacing “inbox” and “outbox”

  • And suppliers will see new widgets that provide quick status overviews, opportunities, and insights

  • See brief video (~3 minutes) below for an overview

  • Review the buyer overview PPT

No impact to current processes, transactions or configurations:

  • As existing network pages (i.e. order confirmation, invoice creation, and supply chain collaboration documents) remain the same, there is no change to supplier transaction workflows

  • Suppliers have the option to return to the old portal by clicking on "Back to Classic View" (via shell bar, or in settings menu)

  • For buyers, there are no changes to network configuration, transaction rules or any migration of documents

Phased roll-out with early adopter program:

  • An early adopter program has been in place for the last year, with several thousand suppliers already successfully transitioned

  • For each supplier account transitioned, the account admin was sent 2 notification emails

  • Suppliers accounts were selected based on feature usage and activity, so some of your suppliers may already be on the new portal.

Supplier change management for the global roll-out starting May 21st

  • Supplier notification emails will be sent 2 weeks prior and will point to a self-enablement landing page, with short videos

  • Starting early May, there will be alerts and notices in the classic portal, in addition to notification emails

  • When suppliers first log-in to the new portal, they will see a welcome pop-up which also points to self-enablement page

Ariba Network will be part of SAP Business Network starting May 21st

  • SAP’s network strategy is to unify our existing networks by providing a common onboarding service, directory, login site, portal, collaboration flows, and analytics under the SAP Business Network name

  • Suppliers will see "SAP Business Network" instead of Ariba Network on a few pages

    • Login page

    • New Homepage

    • New Workbench

  • Solution name change is gradual and part of a larger product strategy to unify SAP-owned networks

  • Similar to the new portal, this brand name change doesn't impact supplier accounts (ANID), login credentials, transactions, or network configurations

Recommendation preparation tasks for buyers:

  • Buyers should review any existing supplier-facing training materials and user guides that contain screenshots and how-to instructions, and update based on the new portal and workbench user interface.

  • Buyers should inform supplier-facing contacts at their organization of the changes, for example by reviewing the videos on the self-enablement page.

  • Buyers can find a summary in the Update for Network Buyer’s presentation, below under Relevant Links.

  • For further questions, contact your Customer Engagement Executive, or Ariba Support.

Overview video what's new (~3 minutes)

Relevant Links: