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Product and Topic Expert
Product and Topic Expert

As a supplier on Ariba Network, you may have a robust account with a large number of customer relationships and linked child accounts. While this means that you're well connected with your customers on the network, it can be cumbersome to switch between accounts and locate customer relationships.

We've introduced two new features that will help streamline this process and allow you to switch between accounts more efficiently.

1. Managing your customer relationships


Filter by customer name or ANID export the  results

When you navigate to the Customer Relationships page, you'll notice a search bar where you can filter customer names or ANIDs, up to 10 values at any one time.

The addition of this search bar means that searching for specific customer accounts is now much faster and easier, especially if you have a large number of connections.


View customer relationships across your child accounts

If you check off the box for "view customer relationships across all linked child accounts", the filtered results will also show customer relationships belonging to a linked child account. Note that this functionality is only available if you're logged into a parent account.

This streamlines the process for locating accounts, and saves you time from having to log into your child accounts manually to find a specific customer relationship.

View your customer ANIDs at a glance and have the ability to hide columns

We've added a new column to provide the Network ID for completeness. Also, have better control of your view with the ability to show or hide columns.

This is available via the table icon located on the top right, just above your filtered results.

2. Managing your linked child accounts


Filter to search for your child accounts and customer relationships

When you navigate to your Account Hierarchy page, you'll see two search bars, where you can filter by child account name and customer relationship. You can add up to 10 values (names or ANIDs) for each at any one time.

This added functionality lets you efficiently locate not just your child accounts, but the customer relationships they have.

This is especially beneficial if you have a large number of child accounts, and aren't certain which one of your accounts have accepted a trading relationship with a specific customer. Note that you can also just search for a linked child account, without using the customer relationships search field

Toggle profile visibility for your linked child account from the accounts hierarchy page

From the filtered results, you can toggle the profile visibility for your linked child accounts. If an account is toggled to off in the "Profile Discoverable" column, this means that that account is not visible via Ariba Discovery and on Ariba Network. However, customers connected to that account can still search for it.

The profile discoverability toggle was previously only accessible by manually logging into the account itself. Now, this added functionality streamlines work by letting you manage profile visibility right from your parent account.

Login to your child account from the search results

Login to a child account contextually from your filtered results. Note that this functionality is only available to users with the permissions either "Account Hierarchy" or "Child Account Access".

Being able to login to your linked accounts from the search results page eliminates additional steps in switching accounts and helps you take action sooner.