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SAP Teched 2019  is just around the corner and the SAP Business Network team is very excited to use this opportunity to showcase their latest innovations for SAP customers and partners.

The SAP Business Network started its journey in 2018 with the goal of leveraging the wealth of contextual data in SAP Cloud Business Group applications (e.g., Ariba, Concur, Fieldglass) to derive new and valuable insights for customers. Initially, these efforts are focused on “Intelligent Spend” use-cases, such as integrated spend management, buyer relationship strength and supplier risk. Prototypes of these solutions were successful and resulted in the team being selected as a finalist with in Cloud Business Group for SAP’s Hasso Plattner’s Award in 2018.

Starting in early 2019, the team began work to turn these prototypes into a suite of core platform services, partnering with "CXO Nexushttps://cxonexus.com to deliver a solution for their spend analytics application and insight scenario leveraging SAP Ariba data. This collaboration resulted in the team’s first production service, dubbed the “Document Service,” which provides access to SAP Procurement Application data via an API, and was successfully showcased on-stage at the SAP Ariba Live conference this April. Since then, the SAP Business Network has been making progress towards building their cloud-based platform services, which are comprised of three main pillars:

  1. Data Integration: which includes features for data acquisition (incl. SAP Data hub), scheduling, mapping (from heterogeneous data sources), refinement, matching, and reconciliation.

  2. Content & Insights: which includes a contextual  storage layer that leverages a graph structure for storing relationships, enabling machine-learning derived insights.

  3. Developer Experience: which focuses on providing these services through a rich developer ecosystem in collaboration with other SAP initiatives.

If you are a developer, architect, data scientist or a technical consultant attending SAP Teched 2019 event and are interested in learning more about the SAP Business Network and its solutions, please join us and register to one of our sessions in either Las Vegas, Barcelona or Bangalore teched event https://events.sap.com/teched-global/en/home

Session details:

  1. Session id- iENT207 (1hr, Lecture): SAP Business Network – Collaborative Innovation in the Networked Economy.

In this lecture session, we will first provide an overview of the SAP Business Network, which includes the problems we are  working to solve, our core value proposition and vision, as well as how our solution maps to several business-centric use cases. Following this introduction, we will deep dive into key elements of the platform architecture, services, and our development roadmap.  The session wrap-up with a live demo of several of our services, showing how heterogeneous 3rd party data can be combined with SAP application data to create new customer insights.

  1. Session id – INT364 (2hrs, Hand’s On😞 SAP Business Network: How Contextual Intelligence Leads to Innovation.  

In this hands-on workshop, we’ll walk through several step-by-step exercises that allow participants to explore the SAP Business Network and trial its services.  The first part of this session uses an internal application to a specific business use-case for data matching and insight generation in a spend management scenario. In the second part of the session, attendees can explore  the SAP Business Network services in a developer-centric fashion, directly contacting APIs and getting back live results (using an easy-to-use Jupyter notebook).

We are looking forward to seeing you at SAP TechEd!

Henry Tsai, Quincy Milton, Prasad Illapani, Ian Kelley, Justin Dority, Matus Horvath

SAP Business Network, Cloud Business Group